Chantier Davie Canada Inc. announced the exercise of its exclusive option to purchase the assets of Finland’s Helsinki Shipyard Oy

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  • Based in Québec, Canada since 1825, Davie is Canada’s largest and highest capacity shipbuilder as well as a partner in the country’s National Shipbuilding Strategy under which it will build a fleet of advanced, fuel-efficient polar icebreakers and hybrid ferries.
  • Exercising the option to purchase Helsinki Shipyard Oy does not mean an acquisition is completed. It is subject to financial, regulatory and legal considerations etc.
  • Helsinki Shipyard recently delivered a few expedition cruise vessels and before it was the builder of ropax ships for Viking Line, Brittany Ferries and Tallink.
  • Davie website
  • Helsinki Shipyard Oy press release

Guernsey will not buy a new passenger ferry for the island: UPDATE

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Referring to last week’s article:

Whilst it is correct that Guernsey’s Chief Minister did state that the government will not be investing in a ropax for the Island, the initiative and joint investment do continue.

John Napton, Condor Ferries’ CEO, said: “As we confirmed in January of this year, Condor and the States of Guernsey have been working on a joint venture with regard to a conventional passenger and freight vessel.

The potential acquisition of a ship would be mutually funded through an investment vehicle, with Condor operating the vessel as an addition to our existing fleet.

We are determined to invest in the Islands’ future by developing freight and passenger services and if a new ship can be acquired, it would improve resilience and reliability.”

Metsä Board starts pre-engineering for new folding boxboard mill in Kaskinen, Finland

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  • Metsä Board will start pre-engineering for a new folding boxboard mill with an annual capacity of approximately 800,000 tonnes at the Kaskinen mill site in Finland.
  • The pre-engineering phase will include technical design, design of infrastructure and logistics solutions and tendering for the main equipment. As part of the pre-engineering, an environmental impact assessment and an environmental permit process will be launched.
  • The company estimates that a possible investment decision could be made in 2024 at the earliest.
  • Roro operator Wallenius SOL has Port of Kaskinen in its schedules (picture).

Tallink: Negative Covid Test Result Prior To Boarding

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Tallink Grupp will require passengers travelling to Finland to present a negative COVID-19 test result certificate or a certificate from the GP evidencing that the passenger has recovered from coronavirus. The new requirement follows a strong recommendation from the Finnish Health Authority (Terveyden ja hyvinvointilaitos) to all shipping companies operating passenger ferries between Finland and neighbouring countries to introduce such a requirement.


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Finland is Prepared to Secure Ferry Connections with Subsidies

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency has announced a tendering process for a subsidized ferry service Turku (or Naantali) – Mariehamn – Stockholm – Mariehamn/Långnäs) – Turku (or Naantali) until the end of 2020 (eventually end of May 2021).

Finland wants to secure supply logistics and transport requirements of Finnish foreign trade.

The tender is split in two: a morning and an evening departure from Finland. (a company can decide to tender for only one departure, or for both)

Tender deadline: 5 October.

Public service obligation: support for maritime transport between Turku / Naantali – Mariehamn / Långnäs – Stockholm (in Finnish)

Finland Lifts Travel Restrictions

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Last week Finland has announced the lifting of travel restrictions for a number of countries, including Sweden and Germany. The restrictions are based on a new limit of 25 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Before it was 8.

These first changes to travel restrictions will take effect on September 19.

Ferry companies, unions and other stakeholders welcome the decision but demand predictability in government decisions and communications.

Grimaldi Formally Opposed State Aid To Ferry Companies In Italy And Finland

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Emanuele Grimaldi, CEO of Grimaldi Group, exclusively announced to Ferry Shipping News that his company has formally opposed the financial measures decided in Italy and in Finland to support some ferry competitors.

“We have formally contested, both on the local market and in Europe, those measures aimed at giving financial support specifically to some companies and which is selective, discriminatory and capable of distorting competition” Grimaldi said.

Legal actions have been promoted and addressed to Rome and Bruxelles for the EUR 72 million public subsidies extended by the Italian government to Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione (part of Onorato Armatori and operating Tirrenia’s fleet and routes) until 18 July 2021.

A similar action was taken in Finland against the National Emergency Supply Agency which “has already granted financial support to four out of seven commercial operators securing the main maritime bridges for rubber-tired vehicles. Finnlines has also filed an application under this same emergency financial support programme but up to know we did not receive any public aid”. For this reason, Grimaldi sent a letter to the European Union Directorate-General for Competition accusing Finland’s government of providing selective assistance to five ferry operators that compete with Finnlines.

In an interview published in the Wall Street Journal, the Italian owner further added: “Those who are not strong enough to survive should be incorporated by those who are strong. That’s the way it should work, but with the pandemic, it’s not. I’ve never seen so much state interference in shipping,” Grimaldi concluded.

Restrictions On Cross-Border Traffic Within Shengen Lifted By Finland

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As of 14 May 2020, legislative restrictions on border traffic will be lifted for cross-border traffic within the Schengen area by allowing commuter traffic based on employment or assignment and other essential traffic.

It is no longer necessary to provide reasons for the necessity to travel.

Internal border control will continue at land borders, ports and airports. It is still not recommended to travel abroad for leisure.