LNG-powered WILLEM DE VLAMINGH Finally Put into Ferry Service

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The new LNG-powered catamaran WILLEM DE VLAMINGH of Rederij Doeksen was officially put into service on Tuesday 26 January. With this, the ship follows its sister ship WILLEM BARENTSZ, which was introduced on 3 July 2020.

These ships are The Netherlands’s first (single fuel) LNG ferries and the first vessels in the world with single-fuel, direct-drive LNG engines propelling fixed rudder propellers. The ships will be deployed on the ferry connection to the Dutch isles Vlieland and Terschelling.

Dirk Spoor, CEO of Rederij Doeksen: “Due to a variety of circumstances, the COVID-19 crisis not least among them, the road to this fantastic moment has been long and bumpy. But the result of everyone’s efforts is impressive, and something of which we can be extremely proud.”

Worries Caused by Interruption of Ferry Service between Corsica and Sardinia

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On 6 February, Moby Line’s GIRAGLIA hit a rock. She had to be repaired and left the route between Sardinia and Corsica without a ship for 10 days.

It is a vital logistic link between the two islands. The other ship, BASTIA, was not available due to winter maintenance. She is expected back soon.

The incident raised concerns:

  • How long can this old tonnage remain in service? GIRAGLIA is from 1981, BASTIA from 1974.
  • Since 2016 talks have been going on about the creation of an inter-island, inter-European public service contract (GECT – groupement européen de coopération territoriale), so far without anything concrete.