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Positive EBITDA Attica Group Powered by Monitoring and Timely Decisions

  • Revenue EUR 117.00 million (EUR 164.01 million)
  • EBITDA EUR 1.94 (EUR 15.50 million)
  • The decrease in revenue and EBITDA resulted from reduced traffic volumes(*) due to the pandemic and the imposed restrictive measures.
  • Losses after taxes amounting to EUR 40.96 million (EUR 11.05 million)
  • Financial results (include fuel hedging) loss of EUR 12.51 million (profit of EUR 1.3 million)

(*) Traffic figures:

-56.0% passengers

-46.3% private vehicles

-15.6% freight units

-33.0% sailings (4,446 compared to 6,683 sailings last year).

In the context of these extraordinary and constantly changing circumstances, management monitored daily the traffic volumes data, the pandemic evolution, as well as the measures imposed by the Authorities and assessed the traffic evolution by market, vessel and route.

Based on these assessments, the management made timely decisions achieving, among others, reduced operational and general costs and adjusted vessel itineraries. These measures contained significantly the Group operating costs and achieved the best possible balance between services provided and market demand, considering the necessity to maintain the service and the connectivity of the islands and utilizing to the maximum extent the support measures for the affected companies announced by the Hellenic State.


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DFDS Q2: Pickup in Demand Faster than Expected 

Q2 2020

  • Revenue down 34% to DKK 2.8bn
  • EBITDA down 49% to DKK 507m
  • Rebound in freight volumes at end of Q2 and in July, better than expected
  • Passenger activities cause most of profit decrease
  • Encouraging pickup in passenger demand for reopened routes
  • Outlook improved: EBITDA of DKK 2.2-2.5bn now expected for 2020 (previously: likely to be reduced towards DKK 2bn)

”Our outlook is improved. Freight volumes have picked up and the demand for ferry travel is encouraging on our reopened passenger routes. It is uncertain whether the pickup in demand is sustainable and we therefore remain alert,” says Torben Carlsen, CEO.


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Stena AB’s Ferry Division Is Strong Performer In the Group

Stena AB key figures for first nine months

Profit Before Tax = SEK 192 million (SEK 1,076 million)

Consolidated EBITDA, excluding net gain on sale of assets and change in fair value of investment Properties = SEK 5,938 million (SEK 3,856 million)

Consolidated EBITDA, including net gain on sale of assets and change in fair value of investment Properties = SEK 7,098 million (SEK 6,775 million)

Ferry Operation Stena Line (for the first nine months)

Improved and all-time high EBITDA compared to last year, mainly due to increased car volumes, passenger- and freight volumes.

EBITDA = SEK 2,958 million (SEK 2,490 million)


Increased EBITDA mainly due to stronger rates in all tanker segments compared to last year together with more operational days and higher rates for the LNG vessels.

Strong contract coverage and utilisation rate across the roro fleet, offset by lower charter income as a result of vessels sold in 2018.

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Stena AB Interim Report H1

Ferry & Ro-Ro highlights:

Ferry Operations

EBITDA increased compared to last year mainly due to continued positive volumes for cars (3%) and passengers (1%).

Shipping (Ro-Ro)

Strong contract coverage and utilization rate across the Ro-Ro fleet, offset by lower charter income as a result of vessels sold in 2018.

Irish Continental Group Reports H1

Key figures for the first 6 months (Group)

  • +6.1% Revenue
  • +14.9% EBITDA (pre non-trading items)
  • -12.0% EBIT (including non-trading items)

Key figures for the first 6 months (Ferries)

  • +1.5%  Revenue
  • +4.8%  EBITDA
  • -20.3% EBIT (including non-trading items)


  • -5.7% cars
  • +7.3% ro-ro freight

Moby’s EBITDA Shows Encouraging Positive Trend in Q1

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Moby’s EBITDA Shows Encouraging Positive Trend in Q1

Moby Group has published an interesting Q1 report with some positive trends, which show the company is on the path of recovery.

Some figures in million €

  • Revenues 102.2 (89.2 in Q1, 2018)
  • EBITDA recurring 20.2 (-15.6 in Q1, 2018)
  • Operating Profit -2.3 (-30.1 in Q1, 2018)
  • Net Result -15.0 (-40.6 in Q1, 2018)

The positive EBITDA trend is influenced by an increase of Revenue due to a positive performance in freight transport (€8.5m) and due to the capital gain obtained by the subsidiary CIN, consequently the sales of the ferries PUSCHMANN and AURELIA (€15m).

Interesting is also to follow the issues with the Italian Antitrust Authority. The Regional Administrative court of Lazio has issued a final judgment on the appeal finding that a significant part of the conduct alleged by the Italian Antitrust Authority had not been correctly verified.

The company also mentions in the report the two new Chinese-built vessels, which are expected in 2020 and 2021.

DFDS Q1 On Track Strong Performance in North Sea

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In Q1, revenue increased 11% to DKK 3.9bn driven by the expansion in the Mediterranean and stockpiling in UK ahead of the initial Brexit-date end of March. The Easter timing difference vs 2018 lowered passenger revenue.

EBITDA before special items increased 13% to DKK 677m driven by the Mediterranean expansion and strong performance in North Sea.

Baltic Sea’s result was lowered by one-off additional operating costs as capacity was maintained during dockings, one of which was extended. In addition, the Easter timing difference reduced passenger earnings compared to Q1 2018, especially in the Passenger business unit.

Logistics continued to improve performance in UK & Ireland. In Sweden and Belgium earnings were lower as Q1 2018 included peak earnings from a large contract.

The first in a series of six new freight ferries was delivered in February and successfully deployed in March between Istanbul and Trieste.

2019 EBITDA outlook unchanged: DKK 3.8-4.0bn (2018: DKK 3.6bn, restated)

Key figures Q1 2019

  • +11% Revenue: DKK 3.9bn (3.5)
  • +13% EBITDA: DKK 677m (597)
  • -22.3% Profit before tax DKK 159m (204)

Outlook 2019 Unchanged

  • 10-12% revenue growth
  • EBITDA-range of DKK 3.8-4.0bn (2018: DKK 3.6bn)


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Increase In Revenue And EBITDA But Red-Figure Net Results For ANEK

Figures 2018:

-9% ferry crossings

-7% passengers = 965,000 (1,040,000)

-7% cars = 189,000 (204,000)

-5% freight units = 132,000 (139,000)

Financial results in a nutshell:

  • Increase in turnover and EBIDTA.
  • The increase resulted from the Adriatic Sea routes as well as from vessels’ chartering to companies abroad.
  • ANEK counterbalanced rising operating costs resulting from the increase in fuel prices by approximately 25%.
  • After three consecutive years of profitability, the Group and the Parent company recorded losses after taxes. Extraordinary provisions as well as financing and investing results had a negative effect on net results and equity, which turned negative.
  • Turnover: +2.1% Group / +2.8% Parent company
  • Gross profit: +0.6% Group / -2.1% Parent Company
  • EBITDA: +14% Group / +12.1% Parent Company

Net Results: Group -13.8 million (9.8 million) /Parent Company -13.2 million (12.6

Fincantieri’s 2017 results in line with Business Plan 2016-2020

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Fincantieri noted record-high revenues exceeding EUR 5 billion, which is +13%.
EBITDA 341 million = +28%
Net result EUR 53 million = +279%

In a positive market, the yard group has a healthy order intake at EUR 8.6 billion (+31%).
The important order for new client Norwegian Cruise Line and the order for two new MSC Seaside class ships highlight the ability to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

With the new business plan, in 2022 the revenues will increase by up to approximately 50% (at current perimeter) and the EBITDA by up to approximately 100% versus 2017.