Kerkyra Seaway’s double-ended ferry IONAS sold to Türkiye

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  • Kerkyra Seaway’s double-ended ferry IONAS (former MONGIBELLO, BUDELLI, MIGUEL HERNANDEZ, FREJA SCARLETT, SUPERFLEX HOTEL) has been sold to a Turkish ferry operator and will soon depart for Istanbul.
  • The ship is part of the popular Superflex class and served the Igoumenitsa – Corfu and Igoumenitsa – Paxoi lines since 2012.
  • She stopped sailing on February 18, 2023.
  • Turkish flag and renamed MEGAMAR.
  • She will probably serve on a Northern Cyprus run.


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Delcomar Welcomes the Double-Ended ferry I. MADDALENA in Fleet

Sardinian ferry company Delcomar has just welcomed its recently purchased double-ended ferry, subsequently renamed I. MADDALENA [link: Marinetraffic]

She was acquired last summer in Greece, where was deployed as ARIS III by Nea Psara on the maritime link between Oropos and Eretria and between Perama and Paloukia.

The vessel was built in 2010 by Karagiorgas shipyard and has capacity for 600 passengers, 105 cars and 20 trailers.

The investment for Delcomar was around EUR 6 million and the ship is now active on the La Maddalena – Palau routes in Sardinia.

Franco Del Giudice, chairman of Delcomar, commented the new entry in the fleet highlighting that “I. MADDALENA is the most modern ship deployed on the short sea routes in Italy”.