CTMA Replacement Ship To Be Built In Canada

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Canada’s federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced the intention to order two new ferries.
When built, the first ferry will operate the CTMA route between Îles de la Madeleine and Prince Edward Island, as replacement for the MADELEINE.

The second is for the Wood Island (Prince Edward Island) to Caribou (Nova Scotia) service, operated by Northumberland Ferries.
She will replace the HOLIDAY ISLAND.
At this moment the message is mainly a political declaration. The Minister said the vessels would be built locally, at the Davie shipyard. No budget has been released, and no contract has been signed (yet).
Other yards have 14 days to react.

The Minister said it would take another five years before delivery. The vessels will be ordered and owned by the Federal Government, and operated by CTMA and Northumberland Ferries.



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Ordering A New Ferry For Canadian CTMA: Not A Piece Of Cake

CTMA badly needs a new ferry to replace the 1973-built CTMA VACANCIER.

In December the Prime Minister promised a new ferry. The newbuilding would largely benefit local companies. Davie Shipyard is the largest Québec-based shipyard.

The suppliers of the Davie Shipyard are united in a group, the AFCDC (l’Association des fournisseurs du Chantier Davie Canada) and they are not happy with the state of affairs with the Governement of Québec. The latter has promised to subsidize the new ferry for CTMA, if 30% of the ferry is related to supplying companies from Québec.

AFCDC’s president Pierre Drapeau says that 30% is not enough to guarantee that the ferry will be built at the Davie Shipyard. He says that several foreign shipyards are also in the running, and says it is difficult to compete with yards using cheap labour etc.

On August 17 Davie Shipyard submitted an offer for the new ferry, “with no risks and totally privately-funded.” The yard says that nothing has to be paid until the ship is ready and built according to the specifications. The yard adds that 70% of the cost involves local companies and that the ferry has a competitive price.

It is now up to the Government from Québec and CTMA to take a decision.

CTMA Project To Replace The Veteran Ferries Is Still Not Progressed Far

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C.T.M.A. is the shipping operator serving the Iles de la Madeleine archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. The company has two ferries, the 1973-built CTMA VACANCIER and the 1972-built CTMA VOYAGEUR.

In May Minister Philippe Couillard promised financial support from the Government, for the construction of a new ferry.

In an interview with ICI Radio Canada, Mr Germain Chevarie, Member of Parliament for Îles-de-la-Madeleine, says CAD 50 million will be invested by the Québec Government, but the total cost of the project is unknown.