Change of ownership will help to achieve Boreal’s sustainable ambitions

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Boreal is the fourth largest public transport operator in Norway. It has been owned by several funds:

2011-2018 Cube Infrastructure Fund (Luxemburg)

2018-2021 Everbright Overseas Infrastructure Investment Fund (China)

2022 (no later than end of January): Vauban Infrastructure Partners (France) will acquire Boreal Holding AS.

Vauban is a company affiliated with Natixis Investment Managers, and has a long-term strategy for sustainable infrastructure investments.

Vauban manages around € 6 billion and has invested in over 60 companies in mobility, energy conversion and social and digital infrastructure across 10 different areas.

Boreal continues the work on the green shift with full force, and currently has 10 emission-free vessels and 55 emission-free buses under construction.

Vauban will help Boreal to achieve its ambition for further growth in the mobility sector.

Boreal Has Signed A Contract For Two New Electric Ferries

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Norwegian company Boreal, owned by Hong Kong-based company China Everbright Limited ordered two ferries in The Netherlands.

The Wärtsilä designed plug-in hybrid ferries will be built by the Holland Shipyards Group, and put into operation on the Abelnes-Andabeløy and Launes-Kvellandstrand routes.

Boreal signed a contract with Agder County Municipality on the operation of the two ferry connections in December last year. The 10+2 year contract starts on September 1, 2021.


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Boreal is Awarded the Contract for the ‘Inner Oslofjord 2021

A new operator for the island ferries in the Inner Oslofjord will be Boreal Sjø, as from from November 1, 2021. This is the first time Boreal Sjø has entered into a contract with public transport company Ruter, following a tender competition with a total of five contenders..

The contract runs until 2034.

Five electric ferries will be built. They have been designed by Multi Maritime. The first will be ready in the winter of 2021-2022. In the summer of 2022, all five ships will be operational.

The new ferries all have a capacity for 350 passengers (compared to 236 passengers now). Although running fully electric, they will have a backup with diesel.


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Ferry Transaction Between Boreal And Norled

Boreal is buying the three ferries HARDANGER, RYFYLKE and BJØRNEFJORD from Norled.

Boreal needs these ferries because the Stavanger-based company won several public contracts.

HARDANGER and RYFYLKE are currently in service on the Stavanger-Tau route, which will be closed when the Ryfast tunnel opens at the end of this year.

Boreal wants to convert the ferries into battery operation after acquisition.

BJØRNEFJORD is a smaller commuter ferry built in 1990.

In addition to the purchase of the three ferries from Norled, Boreal has five electric vessels under construction.

Boreal Orders A Series Of Ferries

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The Norwegian company ordered its largest-ever ferries at the Turkish Sedef Shipyard.
Two big units of 109m will be built, for the route Molde – Vestnes.
A smaller 80.5m unit has also been ordered for Tjotta – Forvik.
There is an option for two more vessels.
All ferries are being designed by Multi Maritime.


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Boreal To Be Acquired By A Hong-Kong-Based Private Equity Fund

Everbright Overseas Infrastructure Investment Fund LP (EOIIF), a Private Equity Infrastructure Fund based in Hong Kong, has entered into an agreement to purchase 100% of the shares in Boreal Holding AS (Boreal).

The transaction is expected to be completed in April / May 2018.

Boreal is a big Norwegian company, operating busses and ferries, amongst others. The company’s structure, management and organization will remain unchanged.

First hydrogen-electric ferry to sail in NorwayFirst hydrogen-electric ferry to sail in Norway

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Boreal and Wärtsilä Ship Design have agreed to develop a hydrogen-powered ferry for the Hjelmeland-Skipavik-Nesvik stretch. The ferry will be the first in the world where the vessel will use hydrogen as a fuel.
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has been commissioned to announce a development contract for a hydrogen-powered ferry, which will be put into operation in 2021. The ferry service will be operated by two ferries, one being fully electric and the other hybrid hydrogen-electric with 50 percent of the hydrogen output.
Boreal has reserved the ship name HYDROGEN.

OMA to build an plug-in hybrid catamaran ferry for Hordaland

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Norwegian companies Boreal and Oma Baatbyggeri have signed an agreement for the construction of a new electrically operated ferry.
The ferry will be in operation in Hordaland (Bergen area) by January 2020, and will serve the Kinsarvik-Utne route.

The ferry contract comprises the ferry crossings Kvanndal–Utne, Kinsarvik–Utne and Skånevik–Matre–Utåker and has a duration of 9 years with an option for one further year.

The new ferry is 42m long, and will carry 80 passengers and 16 cars (or 2 semi-trailer trucks). The ferry will be built in aluminium.

Photo: OMA