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The Challenge Of Meeting The Needs Of Ferry Users And Communities

BC Ferries President and CEO Mark Collins speaks to BC Shipping News about his background and the future of BC’s coastal ferry network.

Some topics in this very interesting interview:

  • Capacity challenges
  • Diversification of revenue.
  • Overview of the plans with the newbuildings.
  • Which fuel?
  • To build locally or internationally?

BC Ferries Looking For Shipyard To Build Five Vessels

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On 5 October, BC Ferries issued a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) for the procurement of five new major vessels.

  • The competitive bidding process is open to all shipyards, including consortiums.
  • Vessels to enter service in 2023.
  • To replace QUEEN OF ALBERNI, QUEEN OF NEW WESTMINSTER, QUEEN OF COWICHAN, and QUEEN OF COQUITLAM. Plus an additional vessel to address forecasted increases in traffic in the coming years, and to build resiliency in the fleet.
  • Focus on ecology.
  • After RFEOI the next step will be a Request for Pre-Qualification, followed by a Request for Proposals.

BC Ferries: Record Breaking Passenger And Car Numbers; Less Money

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BC Ferries’ passenger traffic levels experienced during Q1 were the highest the company has experienced in over 20 years and the vehicle traffic levels were the highest ever recorded.

However, net earnings were only CAD 6.0 million, compared to CAD 17.3 million for the same quarter of the previous year.

  • Reasons:Operating expenses increased by 7.8% to $209.9 million as the company provided 352 additional round trips to meet the increase in demand. This resulted in an increase in labour and fuel consumption.
  • One-time reintroduction costs for the upgraded SPIRIT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.
  • Fare reductions by 15%.
  • C. seniors’ passenger discount was increased from 50% to 100% for travel Monday to Thursday.

Revenues increased by 1.5% to CAD 229.7 million primarily as a result of

the increased traffic levels, partially offset by a decrease in the average tariff per passenger and per vehicle due to the fare reductions.

Highlights From The BC Ferries Annual Report

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BC Ferries published its annual report for the fiscal year 2018, which ends on 31 March 2018.

  • BC Ferries released its year-end results with consolidated net earnings of $59.9 million for fiscal 2018.
  • Highest passenger traffic levels in 20 years and the highest levels of vehicle traffic ever.
  • Focus on fare affordability. No increases to vehicle and passenger fares across almost all routes.
  • By the start of fiscal 2019 (April 1, 2018), the fares on almost all routes were reduced by 15%.
  • Due to current world fuel market conditions, the company will remove the fuel rebates currently in place on June 27, 2018.
  • BC Ferries provided over 174,000 sailings, 2,962 more round trips than required under the Coastal Ferry Services Contract and 1,190 more round trips compared to the prior year.

Scandlines And BC Ferries Have Chosen E-Dea As Integrated Reservation Software Provider

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E-Dea, the Italian IT provider of integrated software solutions for Ferry Companies, Ports and Terminals, has provided Scandlines with their flagship product, eBooking©, as part of the centralized and integrated passenger Reservation System.

The fully integrated reservation system supports Scandlines core processes including scheduling, products configuration, pricelist configuration, special offers, packages, etc. Thanks to its straightforward design, the system allows Scandlines to properly manage special offers and flexible prices to maximize seasonable revenue.

Also BC Ferries has chosen E-Dea, to have a key role in the implementation of the ACE (Automated Customer Experience) program. The core component of the ACE program is the streamlining of Booking, Ticketing and Check-in  services.

BC Ferries Working With Communities On Future Vision For Swartz Bay Terminal

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“Your input is important to us and will help shape our future plans,” is the message that BC Ferries launched on May 1.
The Canadian company is embarking on an engagement process from now until the end of summer 2018 to gather community input that will shape future plans for Swartz Bay terminal.
BC Ferries would like to hear from customers and nearby residents as a new long-term vision for the terminal is being developed.

Keeping The Customer Happy Costs Money

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In its third quarter results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018, BC Ferries reported a net loss of CAD 14.8 million. (CAD 4 million in year before)
Net earnings for the nine-month period ended December 31, 2017 were
CAD 100.9 million, down from CAD 118.2 million.
The lower results can be explained by BC Ferries’ commitment to improve the customer experience. BC Ferries implemented service enhancements and provided additional round trips to accommodate the higher traffic volumes. The additional trips and the sea trials associated with the introduction of three new vessels in the nine months ended December 31, 2017 resulted in an increase in fuel consumption, labour and training related costs.