Color Line And Kombiverkehr Offer Intermodal Solution

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Color Line has established an intermodal transport solution, with ships from Oslo to Kiel and trains to Verona in Italy.

This is done in cooperation with the German company Kombiverkehr.

Color Line can also offer space on Kombiverkehr trains to hubs such as Vienna, Nuremberg, Cologne, Duisburg, Ludwigshafen, Munich and Basel.

The Norwegian ferry company says the solution is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to transport using the European motorway network.

Roro COLOR CARRIER and the two cruise ferries COLOR FANTASY and COLOR MAGIC can carry about 80,000 trailers annually on the route between Oslo and Kiel.


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According to the current timetable, the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October. But what does withdrawal mean for those who ship freight between Sweden and the UK via the Port of Gothenburg? And will it affect those handling non-UK bound freight at the port?


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Does Grimaldi Intend To Take Over ANEK LINES?

According to an article in the Greek news website, there has been an exploratory discussion between a representative of the Italian Group and the management of Piraeus Bank, on whether there are conditions for Grimaldi Group to acquire ANEK LINES. A development that became serious when Piraeus Bank opened the discussion about the future of the MIG’s Attica Group (Superfast-Blue Star Ferries-Hellenic Seaways), as well as the future of ANEK LINES.

A few days ago, a senior executive of the Grimaldi Group said that Emanuele Grimaldi is interested in making serious investments in Crete. Within that framework there was a meeting held with the management of Piraeus Bank about ANEK LINES. However, the price was initially considered high and the conversation stopped there. Of course, that is not meaning that there will not be any surprises in the future.

Italian Group’s “circles” add that: “Crete must have one company resulting from the Minoan-ANEK merger and the Attica Group as a competitor”. Also they claimed that: “Minoan Lines have repaid all their bank loans while the company’s overall financial condition can possibly absorb the financial shocks from a possible purchase of the ANEK LINES “.

Moreover, senior executives of the Italian Group made a few points about the future of Hellenic Coastal Lines:

  • Things will become very serious at the end of 2019 early 2020.
  • Next year will be crucial for the Greek Ferry Operators. The comparative advantage in Hellenic Coastal Lines will be for those who do not have debts as well as for those that have also foreseen installing scrubbers on their ships.
  • Those operators that failed to install scrubbers to their fleets will be forced to use the other type of fuel that costs much more.
  • The increase in fuel prices will result in the financial burden on ferry companies in 2019.

Also, they stressed that the Italian Group is always considering plans to expand its routes, but everything will depend on the conditions of the ferry market.

ANEK Lines H1

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Key figures:
ANEK Group turnover: €72.5m versus €72.9m in H1, 2018
ANEK Lines Parent Company turnover: €66.1m versus €66.9m

ANEK Group EBITDA: profits: €3.2m versus €1.6m
ANEK Lines Parent Company EBITDA: €2.8m versus €2.1m

370k (368k) Passengers
65k (62k) Cars
68k (69k) Freight Units


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Increase In Revenue And EBITDA But Red-Figure Net Results For ANEK

Figures 2018:

-9% ferry crossings

-7% passengers = 965,000 (1,040,000)

-7% cars = 189,000 (204,000)

-5% freight units = 132,000 (139,000)

Financial results in a nutshell:

  • Increase in turnover and EBIDTA.
  • The increase resulted from the Adriatic Sea routes as well as from vessels’ chartering to companies abroad.
  • ANEK counterbalanced rising operating costs resulting from the increase in fuel prices by approximately 25%.
  • After three consecutive years of profitability, the Group and the Parent company recorded losses after taxes. Extraordinary provisions as well as financing and investing results had a negative effect on net results and equity, which turned negative.
  • Turnover: +2.1% Group / +2.8% Parent company
  • Gross profit: +0.6% Group / -2.1% Parent Company
  • EBITDA: +14% Group / +12.1% Parent Company

Net Results: Group -13.8 million (9.8 million) /Parent Company -13.2 million (12.6


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Ferry Passengers Increasing (+4%) And Ro-Ro Decreasing (-1%) In The Port Of Ancona

In 2018, 1,151,266 passengers were handled in the port of Ancona, 6% more compared with the year before, and 1,084,235 of those were transported by ferries (+4%).

More in detail:

  • 771,874 passengers (+1%) Ancona – Igoumenitsa – Patras
  • 221,446 (+7%) Ancona – Split (Croatia)
  • 90,832 (+29%) Ancona – Durres (Albania).

The ferry companies active in the port of Ancona are Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries and Anek Lines (to and from Greece), Grandi Navi Veloci and Adria Ferries (to and from Albania) and Jadrolinija and Snav (to and from Croatia).

As for the ro-ro traffic, 147,650 trucks and trailers were handled in the port in 2018, which means a 1% decrease compared with the previous year.