December 2, 2021

Consolidated revenue

Q3 +30.58% EUR 148.31 million

9M +17.32% EUR 270.50 million


Q3 +27.80% EUR 47.11 million

9M +10.18% EUR 42.74 million


Q3 EUR +35.85% 33.34 million

9M EUR +29.40% 4.31 million

Consolidated Profit after taxes

Q3 EUR +32.74 million (12.14 million)

9M EUR loss 1.31 million (loss 28.81 million)


Traffic volume will be affected by the evolution of the pandemic and any additional restrictive measures that may be imposed on the movement of passengers.

Marine fuels cost has significantly increased, burdening the operating expenses of companies. During Q3, the Group’s marine fuel costs increased by 74.5% compared to the corresponding period last year.