Port of Gothenburg Q3: Containers Up, Ro-Ro Down

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The Swedish purchasing power remains low in the wake of economic downturn, resulting in reduced container imports. However, overall container handling in the Port of Gothenburg is increasing as the Swedish export industry continues to thrive, with the forestry sector leading the way.

Intra-European Ro-Ro traffic decreased by 6% during the first three quarters of the year. Like the container segment, import volumes have gone down, but the upturn on the export side has not compensated to the same extent as in the container segment.

Strong Performance for Attica Holdings S.A. in challenging times

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Consolidated revenue

Q3 +30.58% EUR 148.31 million

9M +17.32% EUR 270.50 million


Q3 +27.80% EUR 47.11 million

9M +10.18% EUR 42.74 million


Q3 EUR +35.85% 33.34 million

9M EUR +29.40% 4.31 million

Consolidated Profit after taxes

Q3 EUR +32.74 million (12.14 million)

9M EUR loss 1.31 million (loss 28.81 million)


Traffic volume will be affected by the evolution of the pandemic and any additional restrictive measures that may be imposed on the movement of passengers.

Marine fuels cost has significantly increased, burdening the operating expenses of companies. During Q3, the Group’s marine fuel costs increased by 74.5% compared to the corresponding period last year.

ΑΝΕΚ Lines : a good summer, soaring bunker prices

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Gradual recovery of economic activity = increase in traffic = improvement of ANEK’s operational results.

Q3 (summer high season) saw a significant recovery compared to last year.

Sharp rise of bunker prices absorbed the benefit of the good season.

9M +18% turnover EUR 114.2

Q3 +35% turnover EUR 56.0 million

9M EUR 12.4 million (7.7 million in the first nine months of 2020)

Q3 EUR 13.1 million (10.0 million)

9M EUR profits of 4.2 million (losses of 0.7 million in the first nine months of 2020)

Q3 profits of 10.3 million (profits of € 7.2 million)

The upward trend of traffic in all categories of transport project of the Group continues in the months of October and November. However, fuel prices remain fluctuate to very high levels overburdening operating costs.

Fjord1 expects continued strong demand for its services

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Fjord1’s first nine months and third quarter 2021: Safe and stable operations


  • -4% Revenue, NOK 758 million. The reduction is attributable mainly to the phasing out of the Molde-Vestnes ferry contract.
  • -18% EBITDA, NOK 276 million
  • The EBITDA margin decline to 36% from 43% mainly reflects higher fuel costs and higher maintenance cost than in same quarter last year.
  • Investments amounted to NOK 289 million, mainly for purchase of a new vessel.

First nine months

  • -5.9% Revenue NOK 2,157 million
  • -14.5% EBITDA NOK 663 million
  • EBITDA-margin of 31% (34)
  • Investments were NOK 531 million for the first nine months, which represented 60% reduction from the same period in 2020, when investments in the newbuilding and electrification programme peaked.
  • Net interest-bearing debt (NIBD) stood at NOK 5,274 million as per 30 September. The company has lower investment commitments going forward and will use operating cash flows, proceeds from infrastructure sales, and NOx compensation for electric vessels to continue to reduce debt.


Fjord1 is confident that there will continue to be a strong demand for safe, environmentally friendly, and reliable transport in coastal regions in the future. Fjord1 assesses new tender opportunities in the Norwegian market on an ongoing basis, as well as opportunities outside of Norway.

Fjord1’s strong contract portfolio is worth NOK 21.8 billion through 2034, excluding options and index regulation, which offers a solid platform for profitable growth.

The company had net interest bearing debt of NOK 5.3 billion at the end of September 2021, down from NOK 5.8 billion at the end of September 2020. The company plans for a lower investment level going forward and expects the main part of the cash flow from operating activities and proceeds from the sale of infrastructure assets to be used to reduce interest-bearing debt further.

Click on the cover, access the download page of Fjord1, and download the report

Piraeus Port Authority Q3 2020 Key Financial Figures

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January – September

  • -10.79% turnover 99,380,554
  • -20.6% gross profit
  • -13.47 EBITDA
  • -31.37% EBIT
  • -19.16% Consolidated Profit before taxes
  • -19.16% Consolidated Profit after taxes


  • -19.47% turnover 32.878.031
  • -33.2% gross profit
  • -30.04% EBITDA
  • -37.66% EBIT
  • -39.51% Consolidated Profit before taxes
  • -39.51% Consolidated Profit after taxes

PPA’s investment activity continues based on its business plan and within the third quarter of 2020 investments that were made amounted to 4.1 million euros

PPA’s overall traffic figures in 2020 (5,436,797 TEU), despite the pandemic, presented a reduction of 3.7% compared to 2019 (5,648,054 TEU), which is an excellent performance compared to other European ports with higher losses.


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ANEK LINES Q3 2020 Key Financial Figures

During the first nine months (2020), traffic volumes of the ANEK Group vessels dropped by 50% for passengers, by 44% for private cars and by 8% for freight units.

Respectively, in Q3 (2020) traffic volumes decreased by 48% in passengers, by 38% in private cars and by 6% in freight units.

First 9 months of 2020 in EUR ,000 (same period in 2019)

  • Turnover: 97,004 (138,076)
  • Gross Profit:  13,893 (36,491)
  • EBITDA: 7,705 (26,582)
  • EBIT: -718 (18,080)

Consolidated profit before taxes: -7,685 (11,039)

Consolidated profit after taxes: -8,216 (10,120)

  • Q3 of 2020 in EUR ,000 (same period in 2019)
  • Turnover: 41,627 (65,573)
  • Gross Profit: 12,429 (27,711)
  • EBITDA: 10,004 (23,408)
  • EBIT: 7,155 (20,582)

Consolidated profit before taxes: 4,916 (18,069)

Consolidated profit after taxes: 4,642 (17,540)

The second wave of the pandemic and the new restrictive measures in the movement of passengers are expected to lead to a decrease in traffic and revenue during the winter period 2020-2021 compared to the same period last year, while a gradual recovery of sizes is expected after Q1, 2021.

Norled Q3 Report: All Agreed Operations Have Been Carried Out Despite the Corona Challenges

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Decrease in revenue is mainly due to changes in contract portfolio.

Revenue: -17% (Q3) and -14.6% (YTD)

Norled ended 5 contracts at year end 2019 and started 4 new contracts 1 January 2020.

  • Indre Sogn (ferries)
  • Sunnmøre (ferries)
  • Rutepakke3 Hordaland (ferries)
  • Troms (expressboats)

Increased EBITDA profitability is mainly due to changes in contract portfolio and net gain on sale of fixed assets. EBITDA: 12% (Q3) and 7.2% (YTD).

EBITDA profitability is affected by the Corona epidemic, mainly with reduced tourist related revenue in the expressboat segment.

Start of contracts on 1 January 2021:

  • Ryfylkeferjenin, Rogaland county (until 31 Dec 32)
  • Lyngensambandet, with the routes Lyngseidet-Olderdalenand Svendsby-Breivikeidetin Troms and Finnmarkcounty (until 30 April 31)

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DFDS: Increasing Freight Earnings 

  • Q3 freight earnings are above 2019 levels
  • Efficiency enhanced by adaptation of operations and business structure to market changes
  • Travel restrictions lowered passenger numbers significantly (-70%)
  • EBITDA 2020 outlook raised to DKK 2.5-2.7bn on 23 October

Q3, key figures (in DKK billion)

  • -19.6% Revenue (3,598)
  • -29.2% EBITDA before special items (846)
  • -46.0% EBIT before special items (388)
  • -49.9% Profit before tax and special items (324)
  • -59.4% Profit before tax (262)

EBITDA for freight ferry and logistics activities was DKK 126m above 2019 in Q3. The ongoing adaptation of operations and the business structure to market conditions post Covid-19 has been instrumental in achieving the increase. Besides higher margins, some activities also succeeded in raising volumes.

The continued tightening of travel restrictions during Q3 lowered, on the other hand, the passenger result below expectations. In Q3, EBITDA for passenger services was thus DKK 445m below 2019. This result includes passenger services in three business units that provide such services – Passenger, Channel and Baltic Sea.

Outlook 2020

On 23 October 2020, the outlook for 2020 was raised as freight volumes have developed more positively than expected during and after Q3.

EBITDA before special items is expected to be DKK 2.5-2.7bn in 2020 up from the previous outlook of DKK 2.2-2.5bn included in the Q2 2020 report.

Covid-19 Hits Tallink Grupp’s Employees and Q3 Results

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“Having started the year with over 7,200 dedicated employees in the group this year, we are faced with the reality of this number of good employees, dedicated and passionate tourism sector people in our company falling below the 5,000 mark by the end of this year.”

Tallink Grupp’s CEO Paavo Nõgene

Q3 is normally the high season for Tallink Grupp. This year it has been heavily affected by the pandemic and its travel restrictions.

  • -7% Trips
  • -55.8% Passengers
  • -1.9% Cargo units
  • -50.0% Consolidated revenue

EBITDA was EUR 5.7 million (EUR 83.2 million in Q3 2019)

Net loss was EUR 23.9 million (EUR 54.6 million in Q3 2019).

Q3 financial result was impacted by the following factors:

  • Significant decrease in operating expenses
  • Negative impact from one-off costs related to redundancies process in the amount of EUR 3.1 million
  • Positive impact from support measures, including the temporary salary compensation measure in Sweden and exemption from ships’ fairway dues in Estonia.

Outlook: “Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation the earnings outlook has become uncertain and continues to be largely subject to external factors such as the states’ decisions regarding the timing of lifting of the travel restrictions, allowing passenger traffic as well as the duration of the recovery period.”

Getlink’s Shuttle Profits Temporarily from Lifting of Quarantine

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Q3, 2020 results for Channel Tunnel

Traffic statistics

  • -3% Trucks on Truck Shuttles
  • -30% Cars, Motorhomes, Motorcycles… on Passenger Shuttles
  • -74% Coaches on Passenger Shuttles
  • -89% Passengers on Eurostar trains
  • -23% Rail Freight Trains


Finance data

  • -17% Revenue (for the Group)
  • -19% Revenue (for Eurotunnel)

Only -2% Revenue (Eurotunnel Shuttle) “as a result of the bounce back observed following the temporary lifting of UK quarantine measures during Le Shuttle’s peak summer season, the resilience of the Truck Shuttle’s traffic and the positive effects of the Group’s yield management strategy.”