Statistics And Trends On The Greek Ferry Market

By 18 October 20182018 Newsletter week 42
October 18, 2018

What are the key points on the Greek ferry market, included in the presentation from George Xiradakis, at the Euromed Convention in Athens and organized by Grimaldi Group of Italy?

Mr Xiradakis is founder and owner of XRTC Business Consultants Ltd.

  • The Greek ferry market till sees an ongoing shrinking demand.
  • On the supply side: ageing of the fleet. Shrinking fleet.
  • As for the revenues contribution per regional market, Greece market share has been constantly increasing between 2002 and 2017 compared with other countries in Europe, but this business segment remains heavily exposed to fuel price variability.
  • Looking at the ferry companies’ financial performance in Greece, they have probably already tested the all-time lows.