September 13, 2018

Port Of Ghent Connects DFDS’s Northern And Southern Route Network

By connecting the DFDS network with the new routes in southern Europe, DFDS is capable of offering transportation of cargo from North to South and back.
Compared to alternative solutions lead time is reduced with at least 1 day.

The new intermodal connection offers shipping transportation on the Gothenburg – Ghent and Trieste – Pendik/Ambarli/Mersin routes. There will also be a stopover in Patras, Greece.

DFDS will use Bettembourg in Luxembourg as the continental hub for the intermodal connection and has a solid cooperation over railways with CFL. Trailers are shunted from Bettembourg to Ghent over road, a second option via rail is being developed.

Photo: Tom D’haenens Port of Ghent