January 20, 2022

Oma Baatbyggeri has signed a contract with Norled AS for two hybrid battery-electric ferries. Soon, a contract with Florø Skyssbåt AS will be signed for another one.

All three ferries will operate route package 2 (RP2) in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

The RP2 ships are based on the well-known Combi-catamaran concept from Oma Baatbyggeri, which started in 2001 and can now be found along the entire long Norwegian coast.

The boats have the capacity to carry a truck of 20 tonnes, alternatively 7 passenger cars, in combination with 70 passengers.

The RP2 boats are delivered with hybrid battery-electric propulsion systems. This means a 100% electric operation in most of the routes they will operate.

Service speed is 22-25 knots, and the length of the vessel is 30 meters.

With this order, Oma Baatbyggeri ensures good employment until November 2023.