November 16, 2017

ICG published a trading update, covering carryings for the year to date to 11 November 2017.

  • Ro-Ro freight: 247,700 (246,500) =+0.5%
  • Cars: 385,100 (376,800) = +2.2%
  • Passengers: not included in the update.

Trading update with financial information for the first ten months of 2017.

  • Consolidated Group revenue: EUR 288.9 million = +3.1%
  • Ferries Division total revenues: EUR 184.4 million = +1.4%


  • In the period since 30 June carryings grew at 1.6% underperforming market growth rates as the division has focused on higher yielding accompanied freight traffic in advance of the introduction of the new ferry W.B. YEATS.
  • The Euro value of the division’s Sterling originating revenues have been affected by weaker Sterling but this has been partly mitigated by offsetting improvement from Sterling based costs.
  • Higher bunker costs.