April 30, 2020

Freestyle translation by Ferry Shipping News

  • 4 ferries in operation, 9 stopped. Two thirds of people in partial unemployment.
  • Only a few dozen ‘essential’ passengers travel. Freight is now king, something unusual for Corsica Ferries. The company has listened to Corsica transport companies and adapted the offer. Sometimes changes were skillfully implemented overnight, to react as quick as possible.
  • We are awaiting what the government says about the relief of travel restrictions. We can only adapt once we know. But we are preparing and we can assure the tourism industry that if travel allows people will have enough ferries to get to the island.
  • Although the company is already experiencing the economic consequences of this crisis, Pierre Mattei is happy about the quick reaction time of his company. “It is in our DNA to be agile and versatile.”
  • Corsica Ferries suffered a fake news campaign. It was accused of transporting tourists. It all started with pictures from before the lockdown. They were re-released by some politicians, who did not even check.