June 13, 2019

On-shore Economic Impact of Ferries Reached EUR 60 Million in the Adriatic Sea Region

According to the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report, presented in Ancona, Italy, the Adriatic Sea has more than 40 active ferry ports, handling over 19 million passengers.

Six ports have international routes.

Risposte Turismo’s team of analysts says that half of the Adriatic ports provided a forecast for 2019. However, some of the major ports are missing. This is the reason why it’s difficult to make forecasts on the overall ferry traffic in the Adriatic. Moreover, this kind of traffic is highly dependent on external factors, such as weather, fuel costs and travel alternatives. “Anyway, with the positive or negative variations previously presented, and with several ports that foresee a certain stability, it is reasonable to expect that this sector won’t register relevant variation,” concludes the report.

Risposte Turismo also estimates that direct on shore expenditures by Adriatic ferry passengers on international routes reached EUR 60 million in 2018.