In Need Of A New Ferry, C.T.M.A. Is Soon Going To Call For Tenders

May 17, 2018

C.T.M.A. is the shipping operator serving the Iles de la Madeleine archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. The company has two ferries, the 1973-built CTMA VACANCIER and the 1972-built CTMA VOYAGEUR.

Since many years the company tries to get subsidies from the Canadian Government to acquire new tonnage. Now, a couple of months before the elections, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has promised financial support for the construction of a new cruise ferry, during a visit to the island of la Madeleine.

Remark about the term ‘cruise ferry’: the ferries serve both as a lifeline to the archipelago and as a one-week cruise product for tourists, with departure from Montreal.

More information on the company website and route on map below.

Source: Radio Canada

Photo: C.T.M.A.