November 16, 2017

Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör saw continued growth in cargo traffic, which made the management to decide to increase capacity by expanding ferry HAMLET’s sailing schedule by five hours daily as from December. The expansion will make it possible to transport an additional 40,000 trucks per year.


  • Number of departures 12,800 = status quo
  • Trucks: 102,600 (98,000) = +5%
  • Cars: 457,000 (473,000) = -3%
  • Passengers: 2.54 million (2.5 million) = -3%

In October, HH Ferries received the final authority approvals for TYCHO BRAHE’s charging stations. This ferry is already sailing in both battery and hybrid operations, while charging procedures are being adjusted.
The electrification of AURORA will follow before the turn of the year.

Photo © HH Ferries