One record after another for DFDS North Sea

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DFDS reported a volume record on the Göteborg/Brevik – Ghent route, which was achieved during week 47, the last full week in November. But obviously, it didn’t take long to beat that.
Another record of cargo was shipped during week 48: exactly 55,001 lane meters were carried, which is 1,467 lane meters more than the week before.

Photo: North Sea Port


More sailings, cargo and pax for the Attica Group

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In its key financial figures for the nine-month period 2017, Attica Group presents the following results:

  • Revenues: EUR 215.46 million (status quo)
  • EBITDA: EUR 47.75 million (EUR 62.35 million)
  • Profit after tax: EUR 4.68 million (EUR 26.50 million)

The lower profit is mainly related to the significantly increased fuel oil price, which is a pity after better results on the transportation side:

  • Sailings +1.1%
  • Passengers +0.5%
  • Private vehicles +3.7%
  • Cargo units +1.8%

Approvals from the competent authorities are pending in order for the Company to complete the acquisition of a total 98.83% shareholding stake in Hellenic Seaways Maritime S.A.

Q3 Interim report: cargo keeps DFDS on track for record results

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  • Freight is pushing the DFDS figures to record levels, while the passenger volumes stay the same.
  • Strong performance for freight on North Sea routes: volumes up 8%
  • Revenue DKK 3,922 (3,799) +3.3%
  • EBITDA DKK 976 million (972 million) +0.4%
  • EBIT DKK 742 million (738 million) +0.5%
  • Profit before tax DKK 714 Million (732 million) -2.6%)
  • The Group’s revenue growth for 2017 is now expected to be around 3% compared to previously around 4%, excluding revenue from bunker surcharges.
  • At the Q&A session, DFDS CEO Niels Smedegaard said there were no plans for new cruise ferries. Current vessels can continue for 10 years if needed.

HH Ferries Group: cargo traffic continued to grow in Q3

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Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör saw continued growth in cargo traffic, which made the management to decide to increase capacity by expanding ferry HAMLET’s sailing schedule by five hours daily as from December. The expansion will make it possible to transport an additional 40,000 trucks per year.


  • Number of departures 12,800 = status quo
  • Trucks: 102,600 (98,000) = +5%
  • Cars: 457,000 (473,000) = -3%
  • Passengers: 2.54 million (2.5 million) = -3%

In October, HH Ferries received the final authority approvals for TYCHO BRAHE’s charging stations. This ferry is already sailing in both battery and hybrid operations, while charging procedures are being adjusted.
The electrification of AURORA will follow before the turn of the year.

Photo © HH Ferries

Port of Ghent heading for a year record

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Just like last year, port of Ghent is at its highest level ever for its overall cargo traffic in the first nine months of this year. At the end of this year, the Belgian port will register a record for the second time in a row.
Ro-ro cargo saw an increase of +13,56% in Q3. One of the reasons is the introduction of a fourth ship by DFDS, the ARK GERMANIA.
DFDS has now 8 calls a week between Ghent and Gothenburg.