July 30, 2020

Italy’s Council of Ministers gave its green light to the ‘Porto Canale’ of Cagliari’s reorganization plan which remained in stand by for more than two years due to the opposition of the Ministry of environment.

This plan is part of a broader restyling project of the Sardinian port which also includes a brand-new ro-ro terminal set to be realized in a new green field area far from the city’s historical harbour.

The infrastructure will cost roughly EUR 95 million and is designed to host in the first stage up to four ferries or ro-ro ships at the same time. The terminal operator in charge for the management of the new terminal will be found with a public tender in the coming years.

Today the port of Cagliari is regularly called by ships of Grendi Trasporti Marittimi (which already has its own terminal), Grimaldi and Tirrenia Cin.