August 23, 2018

Fjord1: Smooth Operator

Some highlights of Fjord1 ASA Group’s H1

  • 1,219 employees, 65 ferries and 4 passenger boats on 30 June.
  • Start-up of the first fully electrical operation Anda – Lote.
  • Start-up of two new connections in “Hordaland Rutepakke 1”.
  • Fjord1 has signed several contracts for newbuildings: Cemre 2, Havyard 5, Tersan 1.
  • Three newbuildings have been delivered: MØKSTRAFJORD and HORGEFJORD, (Tersan) and HUSAVIK (Havyard)

Financial results H1

+ Revenue NOK 1,372.7 million (NOK 1,368.4 million)
+ EBITDA NOK 476.9 million (NOK 448.1 million)


+ Despite investment in bridges and tunnels, Fjord1 believes that ferries will continue to be a vital part of the Norwegian road infrastructure for the foreseeable future.
+ The Group has stable contracts.
+ Fjord1 is scheduled to take delivery of 5 ferries in Q4