Finnlines wants to remain a reliable sea bridge – deepens its commitment to Åland

By 3 November 20232023 Newsletter week 44
November 3, 2023

On Tuesday 31 October, Finnlines’ general management met with important stakeholders and decisionmakers in Åland, focusing on how to further develop and deepen the operator’s commitment to Åland.

Finnlines carries out 4 sailings to Åland every day – 2 in each direction. The frequency of the sailings will remain unchanged, but with even more capacity when a second Superstar vessel is introduced Q1 2024.

Tom Pippingsköld, President and CEO, Finnlines.

”In our view we are building bridges, not just vessels. We are a reliable infrastructure connection and set up sea bridges with a long-term commitment. We belong to a large group, which is beneficial as it makes it possible for us to invest in new sustainable vessels. But we are also a local operator, with a clearly local focus on our different routes. Långnäs is and will remain a key port in our Finland–Åland–Sweden route, even if we also might call at Mariehamn on some occasions.”

Thomas Doepel, Vice President and Deputy CEO, Finnlines

”One of the purposes of our visit to Åland is to tell about our sustainability work, how we are step by step implementing the best technology available. We will continue our investments in newbuilds, and shift to sustainable fuels when we can rely on the market. We will also continue upgrading our older vessels with new technology.”

Marco Palmu, Head of Passenger Service, Finnlines

”We hope to help increasing the tourism to Åland, where we see a large potential. Therefore, we also wish to deepen our cooperation with Visit Åland, with a joint objective to attract more visitors to Åland. Our part of this work is to deliver reliable and comfortable transport solutions, be a strong partner for the ålandic hospitality industry, and invest in marketing of Åland both in Sweden and on the Finnish mainland.”