June 4, 2020

The National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA) in Finland is prepared to spend EUR 45 million on financial support to ensure the transport of vital cargo from Finland to Sweden, Baltic countries and Continental Europe.

Finnlines welcomes this decision and published a press release to draw attention on the importance of the company as a lifeline maritime connection.

NESA has already granted financial support to four out of seven commercial operators securing the main maritime bridges for rubber-tyred vehicles. The first support actions taken by NESA where addressed to ropax operators whose operations are not viable without revenue from recreational travellers. For more freight-oriented operators, the threat of serious disturbances was less imminent. However, the corona crisis is having a strong impact in Finland’s economy and the value added of the transport sector is estimated to fall by around 20%, to which Finnlines is also exposed to.

After several weeks of negotiations and encouraged by NESA, Finnlines has also filed an application under this same emergency financial support programme.

Finnlines is still waiting for NESA’s emergency financial support decision but feels confident in receiving support based on Finnlines’ pivotal role in securing Finland’s security of supply.

A member of the Grimaldi family, Finnlines repeats its mantra: “Companies that operate in the same sector and compete with each other should have uniform and equal opportunities to apply for and receive financial aid granted by the State and authorities. Non-discrimination and ensuring fair conditions of competition are the basic principles of EU State aid rules.”