DFDS July volumes: freight closing in on last year, passengers up 9%

August 18, 2023

Ferry – freight

  • Total volumes in July 2023 were 7.2% below 2022. Volumes were 4.9% below 2022 adjusted for Channel.
  • North Sea volumes were robust on most routes but a slowdown in Swedish imports and a dip in fresh produce volumes to the UK due to weather conditions reduced overall volumes compared to 2022.
  • Mediterranean’s volumes were below last year as growth is being reduced by measures to curb inflation in Türkiye and European demand is stagnating.
  • Channel volumes were below 2022 which reflects the redistribution of market shares that took place in July 2022 in the wake of a ferry competitor’s suspension of sailings in 2022.
  • Baltic Sea market conditions are starting to become more comparable to 2022 as the war’s impact on volumes did not fully materialise in 2022 until after the summer. July volumes were still below last year.
  • For the last twelve months 2023-22, the total transported freight lane metres decreased 11.0% to 38.8m from 43.6m in 2022-21. The decrease was 4.3% adjusted for Channel.

Ferry – passenger

  • The number of passengers increased 9.3% driven by more passengers on the Channel and Baltic routes. The number of cars were up 3.8% due to primarily more cars on the Channel.
  • For the last twelve months 2023-22, the total number of passengers was 4.4m compared to 2.5m in 2022-21.