February 10, 2022
  • Freight volumes in January 2022 were 13.8% above 2021.
  • The volume growth in January was mainly driven by higher volumes on UK and Mediterranean routes.
  • Volumes on all UK routes increased considerably compared to last year as volumes in the first month post-Brexit were reduced by new rules and procedures as well as stock-building ahead of Brexit.
  • Volumes in the Mediterranean network were up on all routes on the back of deployment of more capacity and continued good growth in Turkish exports.
  • For the last twelve months 2022-21, total transported freight lane metres increased 6.7% to 43.2m from DKK 40.5m in 2021-20.
  • The total number of passengers in January 2022 was 45.7% above 2021.
  • The number of passengers increased between Norway and Denmark, while the number of passengers on UK and Baltic routes were on level with 2021.
  • For the last twelve months 2022-21, total number of passengers was 0.9m compared to 1.3m in 2021-20 and 5.1m in 2020-19, the latter being the latest pre-Covid-19 year.