October 3, 2019

After DFDS took over U.N. Ro-Ro, the Danish Company started to restructure the routes:

  • Volumes between Istanbul and Trieste were increased with around 30%
  • Introduction of new ro-ro ferries and lengthening of existing vessels.
  • An extra port of call in Yalova in the southern part of Istanbul was added to the network.

In July 2019, a new route was opened between Istanbul and Sète (southern France) in addition to the existing route between Istanbul and Toulon.

To further align the route network with customer requirements, several changes have now been implemented.


  • The two routes between Istanbul and southern France, calling Toulon and Sète respectively, are now merged into one route, Istanbul (Yalova)-Sète. Sète offers intermodal services, is located close to the Spanish border (important fruit & vegetables markets) and offers facilities for refrigerated cargo.
  • DFDS will now operate three weekly calls to and from Sète where arrivals and departures will be aligned with rail service schedules. Rail becomes increasingly important. A train service to Calais is being worked on.
  • It means the termination of DFDS sailings to Toulon.
  • Sète expects 70,000 freight units per year (with 3 weekly calls).


  • All sailings to France from Istanbul, that previously departed from two ports, will now depart only from Yalova.
  • In addition, two weekly sailings to Trieste will depart from Yalova.

All other sailings between Istanbul and Trieste will depart from the Pendik and Ambarli port terminals.