July 11, 2019

Sardinian ferry operator Delcomar has just completed the purchase of the modern double-ended ferry ARIS III built in 2010 by Karagiorgas shipyard.
Franco Del Giudice, head of the Italian operator, confirmed to Ferry Shipping News the deal, specifying that “the vessel will be added to our current fleet, is expected to arrive at the beginning of August and is likely to be deployed on the La Maddalena – Palau routes in Sardinia. The investment for Delcomar is around EUR 6 million.”

Seller is the Greek ferry company Nea Psara which had been operating the ship on the maritime link between Oropos and Eretria and between Perama and Paloukia.

Technical details:

Year of built 2010
Deadweight 500
Draft 2.4 metres
Gross Tonnage 499
L.O.A. 83 metres
Breadth 15.7 metres
Passenger capacity 600
Cars capacity 105
Trailers capacity 20 x 12 metres
Main engines 4 x Daewoo, 4 x 720 Bhp
Speed 13,5 knots

On 12 July, Delcomar will also christen the ferry ST. CECILIA bought few months ago from Wightlink, set to be renamed NANDO MURRAU.
She just arrived in the port of Carloforte.