May 31, 2018

Color Line earlier said that the competitive disadvantage of being flagged in the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register, compared to being flagged in Danish registry, is NOK 154 million annually. This debate is going on since several months.

In February, the Norwegian Ministry of Industry and Fisheries announced that they would change the framework conditions for ferries that run between Norwegian ports and a foreign port, with a distance of more than 300 nautical miles.

The idea was to give these ferries access to the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS), instead of the NOR, Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register.

The case has created considerable political debate and opposition, and so far nothing has been decided.

The parliamentary committee has published a document, with some recommendations. It asks the Government not to carry out an extension of the shipping area for foreign ferries in the NIR before sufficient reasons for such a change have been submitted to the Parliament.