June 27, 2019

The Federal Government in Ottawa started the negotiations with the Canadian Davie shipyard. They have been chosen as the preferred builder for two ferries which will replace the ageing MADELEINE (Madeleine-Prince Edward route) and HOLIDAY ISLAND (Wood Islands-Caribou). Both vessels, respectively from 1981 and 1971, are nearing the end of their life cycle.

The Government conducted an industry analysis, which concluded that the Davie yard is the only Canadian shipyard with the capacity, experience and capability to build these ferries in the required timeframe.

A contract has not been signed, yet.

Ferry Shipping News understands that operator CTMA was not involved in the design process of the new ferries they might have to operate, according to some radio interviews. CTMA also wonders if the Davie yard is capable of building a 130m ferry.

CTMA is also still waiting for a new contract to operate the lifeline services.

Davie, the largest shipyard in Canada, is now building two LNG ferries for the Société des traversiers du Quebec. These prototypes will be the first LNG-supplied ferries ever built in North America.