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Interferry Conference Set To Drive Debate On Industry’s Major Issues

Keynote speakers from the military, merchant fleet and port sectors will feature when Interferry addresses three of shipping’s most important issues:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Environment

The 2018 Interferry conference in Cancun is hosted by Ultramar, Mexico’s leading passenger ferry company, and takes place on Monday and Tuesday October 8-9 as the core of a knowledge-sharing, networking and social event running from October 6-10.


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Woodward Group Confirms It Bought Three Ferries

The provincial government of Labrador signed a new multiyear, CAD 362-million ferry deal with Woodward Group.

As announced last week in Ferry Shipping News 36, this company has purchased the three double-ended ice-class 1A ferries MUHUMAA, SAAREMAA and HIIUMAA .


  • One contract for the Strait of Belle Isle: CAD 11.9 million, 12 years. Ship: HIIUMAA.
  • One contract for North Coast: CAD 14.6 million, 15 years, in partnership with Nunatsiavut Marine. Ship: MUHUMAA (GRETE).
  • They will replace the 47-year-old container ro-ro ASTRON and the 48-year-old APOLLO.

What will happen with SAAREMAA is not clear

Fincantieri: How To Lengthen Passenger Ships?

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Passengership Info has an interesting article on the lengthening of Grimaldi Lines’ two ferries CRUISE ROMA and CRUISE BARCELONA.

It is not only a matter of increasing passenger and vehicle carrying capacity. The ferry operator has also implemented a very environmentally friendly approach and shall add a bank of mega- lithium batteries, to have zero emissions in port.

To complement the mega-lithium battery, the works also include installing a scrubber system.

Barreras Shipyard: Healthy Workload Until 2020

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The President of the Vigo shipyard, Mr José García Costas, told the newspaper Faro De Vigo that the yard has secured work for the next three years.

  • Negotiations for the building of Havila’s Kystlink 2 new ferries on track and almost finalized.
  • Two more Havila Kystlink ferry sisterships to be built at the Tersan Shipyard, Turkey.
  • The formalization of the contract with Naviera Armas for a 180m 1,800-pax ferry is pending.

 Photo: Havila Kystlink


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  • A drawing of STENA VINGA has emerged on Stena Line’s website. The former HAMMERODDE is at the Landskrona shipyard to be prepared for her new role on Gothenburg-Frederikshavn.
  • Unity Line added its 8th ship on the Trelleborg -Świnoujście route (2 September). With 1,830 Lane meter of freight deck, the COPERNICUS is primarily intended for cargo.
  • CLdN starts its Zeebrugge-Santander ro-ro service on 18 September: two direct sailings per week in two directions, with two dedicated ships.


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Port Of Calais Less Worried About Brexit Than Six Months Ago


This is in a nutshell what CEO of Port of Calais Jean-Marc Puissesseau said on local TV.

  • More Brexit-confident than earlier this year.
  • Relief! The recent communication from Europe about the Irish freight corridor, where France was ‘forgotten’, seems to have been a matter of miscommunication (or stronger lobbying from Belgium and The Netherlands).
  • Market share: Calais has 100,000 freight units a year for Ireland. It is only 5% of the traffic, but the port does not want to lose this.
  • Worries: the port has invested in larger marshaling areas, but is worried about the customs checks. Will they be as severe everywhere? If not other ports could have a commercial advantage.

Watch the interview on YouTube (in French)


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Dirk Jankowsky photographed the former VILLUM CLAUSEN in the Kiel Canal on Sunday 9 September. The fast craft has been renamed WORLDCHAMPION JET. She’s on her way to Greece for SeaJets.

Captain Apostolos Kaknis was so kind to sent us this photograph of CRUISE OLYMPIA lit by a warm Greek sunshine.
He also provided this view (below) from NISSOS SAMOS in Piraeus (Hellenic Seaways).

This picture was taken last year, in Incheon, South-Korea. It shows a ferry with the long name of NEW GOLDEN BRIDGE 2 (Weidong Ferry).
Some sources say that this ship could come to Europe soon. We don’t do rumours. We do nice pictures. This one was taken onboard cruise ship VOLENDAM, Holland America Line.