September 13, 2018

Dirk Jankowsky photographed the former VILLUM CLAUSEN in the Kiel Canal on Sunday 9 September. The fast craft has been renamed WORLDCHAMPION JET. She’s on her way to Greece for SeaJets.

Captain Apostolos Kaknis was so kind to sent us this photograph of CRUISE OLYMPIA lit by a warm Greek sunshine.
He also provided this view (below) from NISSOS SAMOS in Piraeus (Hellenic Seaways).

This picture was taken last year, in Incheon, South-Korea. It shows a ferry with the long name of NEW GOLDEN BRIDGE 2 (Weidong Ferry).
Some sources say that this ship could come to Europe soon. We don’t do rumours. We do nice pictures. This one was taken onboard cruise ship VOLENDAM, Holland America Line.