October 7, 2021

According to an article published in the Greek Mononews there will be further developments for the future of ANEK LINES and the Hellenic Coastal Lines in general. The basic points underlined are:

  • Piraeus Bank, wants to speed up the procedures and seeks to fully regulate its relations with the ferry companies
  • The basic scenario includes three phases and will proceed if only a solution found with ANEK LINES’ loan obligations
  • ANEK LINES loan obligations amount to 255 million euros, while the total borrowing of Attica Group amounts to 452.77 million euros
  • Attica Group is raising the issue of writing off 50% of ANEK’s short-term loans in order to proceed to the unification with ANEK LINES, as currently cannot incorporate both companies’ obligations and be viable at the same time
  • If the issue of the cancellation of ANEK’s obligations is overcome then there should be a guarantee of the rights of the traditional shareholders of ANEK in the new scheme
  • Then the scenario predicts that after the unification, the enlarged Attica Group will be sold to foreign Funds
  • Next, the scenario envisages the split of the Attica Group and the purchase by the Emmanuele Grimaldi group of ships operating on the Adriatic line plus some ships on the line of Crete and the Aegean.