January 30, 2020

Calais Port 2015: Countdown Started, Only 365 Days to Go

Calais Port 2015 was conceived as of 2003 in response to a twofold challenge in the future: to be capable of berthing the next generation of ferries and ro-ro ships, and cope with the increase in traffic forecast on the 2020/2025 horizon by installing state-of-the-art port facilities on land reclaimed from the sea.

Calais Port 2015 is backed by the Nord Pas-de-Calais-Picardie Region, owner of the Port of Calais, which on 19 December 2014, by a vote of the plenary meeting, gave its approval for launching the Calais Port 2015 project.

The works involve:

  • The creation of a protective dyke 3 km long and a counter-jetty
  • The creation of a port basin of about 90 ha (eventually 110 ha)
  • The construction of new quays which will provide the space required for the efficient integration of intermodal rail-road-sea infrastructure (Rail and Sea Motorways)
  • The construction of three ferry berths and lengthening of a roro berth