January 24, 2019

 A time-limited ferry service will start on 30 March, but only if a ‘no deal’ Brexit occurs. The service ends on 30 September.  The freight ferry service is being advertised via the website www.freight-market.co.uk, and has the Dutch port of Moerdijk (south of Rotterdam) as continental base.

 Twice daily return trips are planned between Moerdijk and the Ipswich region. A spokesman of the company said that the UK destination ports are split between three locations, but all within a 4.5-hour crossing. 

He added that the voyages are pre-booking only, so as to allow for designated queues at both the port and for customs. The company charges per vehicle, capped at a 17mx2m articulated vehicle. The unknown ships can carry 70 vehicles per crossing. The ships are leased from “a well-known US owner.”