September 26, 2019

UK shipbuilder Wight Shipyard Co is continuing its successes in the fast ferry sector securing a four-ferry order from an EU based ferry operator.

The order consists of four newbuild ferries, two 20m and two 33m ferries, all to be designed by Australia based One2Three Naval Architects.

Peter Morton, CEO, Wight Shipyard, said: “The key design and build features of these new vessels focuses on ultra-low running cost and fuel efficiency. We are currently working to integrate the boarding design of these brand-new vessels with a number of interesting and unique requirements from the ferry operator.”

The two 20m harbour waterbus ferries will replace older inefficient ferries. They will be designed to service low wharves, providing easy embarkation and debarkation for passengers.

These vessels will have a similar design to Wight’s top performing LochNess Jacobite Maverick 20m day cruise passenger catamaran, which was also designed by One2Three Naval Architects. The 20m is a slower harbour waterbus designed for going stop to stop in and around the port and harbour environment.

The two 33m medium speed vessels meanwhile will service a new commuter and tourist ferry service. It’s a new design for Wight Shipyard, but based on a commuter boat currently used on Sydney harbour.
The build of the ferries is a whole new enterprise for the operator designed to bypass the slow road network and move commuters and tourists quickly and efficiently.