December 9, 2021

Wärtsilä, together with class society RINA, ABB, Helbio, the Liberian Registry, and an energy major have joined forces in an effort to deliver a solution with hydrogen as fuel. The aim is to have a scalable and sustainable solution that will exceed the IMO 2050 target for a 70% reduction in carbon intensity without the need for an extensive infrastructure investment.

By producing hydrogen onboard and using readily available LNG, the solution becomes viable and in a much faster time than would otherwise be possible.

The concept is based on combining LNG with steam to produce hydrogen and CO2. The hydrogen produced will be used directly in a mix with natural gas in internal combustion engines or in fuel cells, thus eliminating the need for hydrogen to be stored onboard. The CO2 will be liquefied using the cryogenic stream of LNG that would be used as fuel anyway, and later disposed ashore for carbon storage. Tankers can use the stored CO2 as inert gas during discharge.

“The necessary equipment can easily be fitted on the deck of a commercial vessel” the companies added. “This innovative concept will support the marine sector’s gradual transition from LNG to hydrogen, without any major adjustments to a vessel’s onboard technologies”.