Viking Line 2022, H1: Strong demand partly offset high energy prices

August 29, 2022

January–June 2022 (compared to January–June 2021)

  • Sales amounted to EUR 199.8 M (EUR 71.5 M)
  • Other operating revenue was EUR 8.3 M (EUR 33.6 M)
  • Operating income totalled EUR -8.0 M (EUR 4.5 M)
  • Net financial items were EUR -4.7 M (EUR -2.4 M)
  • Income before taxes amounted to EUR -12.7 M (EUR 2.2 M)
  • Income after taxes totalled EUR -9.8 M (EUR 2.7 M).

Second quarter 2022 (compared to second quarter 2021)

  • Sales amounted to EUR 141.0 M (EUR 46.9 M)
  • Operating income totalled EUR 10.1 M (EUR 12.2 M)

Revised outlook

Operating income for the financial year 2022 will somewhat worse than the figure for 2021. However, the figure last year was affected by capital gains to a much greater extent than this year. There is still a significant and material uncertainty due to the geopolitical situation and its impact on energy prices, inflation, interest rates and currencies as well as the impact that the uncertainty factors identified may have on people’s inclination to travel, demand and costs.

Statistics H1

+248% passengers 1,875,706

-8.8% cargo units 59,522

14.5% market share cargo (16.8%)

29.4% market share passenger cars 29.4% (31.4%)