April 23, 2020


STENA INVICTA was operating for Sealink Stena Line on the English Channel, between Dover and Calais.

Built in 1985 as PEDER PAARS for the Danish Railways DSB, she is still in service as COLOR VIKING between Sandefjord and Strömstad (although temporarily laid up).


LAURO EXPRESS is lit by the warm colours of a setting sun. Her funnel has an unmistakeably British flair. Indeed, she was built on the Tyne as ANTRIM PRINCESS in 1967.

She was scrapped in 2007.

SCANIA (1998)

This photo shows SCANIA arriving in the small Swedish port of Limhamn, in the Öresund. Indeed, she was serving the route from Dragör, near Copenhagen. On the right you can see a part of the Öresundsbridge still under construction.

After a spell in Estonia followed by the Mediterranean she ended up in Fiji, where she is still in service as SPIRIT OF ALTRUISM.