November 8, 2018

Tallink Grupp has announced its unaudited financial results for Q3 and first nine months of 2018.


+1.2% passengers (2.9 million passengers)

+0.3% revenue (EUR 283.6 million)

-3.6% unaudited net profit (EUR 46.1 million)


  • number of passengers travelling, and the number of cargo units transported increased in all the geographical segments, however:
  • higher fuel costs
  • decreased charter revenues two Superfast ferries have led to the slightly reduced profit compared to the same period in 2017.

Unaudited 9-month interim statement

+0.9% passengers (7.5 million passengers)

-7.9% net profit (EUR 41.8 million)

-1.5% unaudited revenue (EUR 723.2 million)



  • June and July highest numbers of passengers ever for these months
  • Largest number of passengers on the Estonia-Finland routes.
  • Largest number of cargo units on the Estonia-Finland routes
  • The greatest increases in both passengers and cargo units transported, has taken place on the Latvia-Sweden route.
  • Significantly increased fuel prices
  • Lower charter revenues
  • Strong competition
  • Longer than planned docking of one of the vessels in Q1