Kerkyra Seaway’s double-ended ferry IONAS sold to Türkiye

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  • Kerkyra Seaway’s double-ended ferry IONAS (former MONGIBELLO, BUDELLI, MIGUEL HERNANDEZ, FREJA SCARLETT, SUPERFLEX HOTEL) has been sold to a Turkish ferry operator and will soon depart for Istanbul.
  • The ship is part of the popular Superflex class and served the Igoumenitsa – Corfu and Igoumenitsa – Paxoi lines since 2012.
  • She stopped sailing on February 18, 2023.
  • Turkish flag and renamed MEGAMAR.
  • She will probably serve on a Northern Cyprus run.

MSC Aurelia arrived at Iskenderun in Türkiye

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After its departure from the port of Naples, the ro-pax ship MSC AURELIA arrived in the Turkish port of Iskendrun on 20 February.

60 pallets of basic necessities and first relief items carried on board will be distributed to those in need.  MSC AURELIA will be used as emergency accommodation, providing the local authorities and emergency services with over 1,000 beds and equipped spaces.

Photos: MSC Foundation

Ferry MSC AURELIA bound for Türkiye to support earthquake relief initiatives.

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MSC AURELIA has departed from the port of Naples and is en route to the port of Iskenderun in Türkiye with over 50 pallets of essential supplies, food, and beverages to support earthquake relief efforts.

The MSC Group and MSC Foundation have organized an urgent response to assist those affected by the recent earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, working closely with Turkish authorities, the Italian Foreign Ministry, and the Vatican. The vessel will remain in port and be available to accommodate victims of the earthquake.

In addition, the MSC Group is arranging for thousands of empty containers to be delivered to the hardest-hit provinces to provide shelter for families who have lost everything.

The MSC AURELIA, with a cargo capacity equivalent to 40 trucks and over 400 cars, transports first aid items and medical supplies collected by the MSC Foundation and Rava Foundation, including pediatric drugs, supplements, toiletries, toys, and crayons for children. It also transports over 30 pallets of long-life food, pasta, and beverages, as well as clothing and blankets.

Upon reaching its final destination, the vessel will serve as emergency accommodation, providing over 1,000 beds, equipped spaces such as a restaurant and a cinema, and video games for children.