Tirrenia Negotiating A Sale And Charter Back For Three Ferries, According To Sardinia Region’s Former President Mauro Pili

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Tirrenia is reported to be in negotiation with a Japanese counterpart, for a sale and charter back deal regarding its three most modern ferries SHARDEN, BITHIA and JANA.

Source: Mauro Pili, Sardinia region’s former president, in a post on Facebook.

Mauro Pili also said that the price for the three vessels should be €210m. However, he opposed the sale, since they are part of the public service contract for Sardinia, signed by Tirrenia with the Italian state.

Tirrenia immediately sued Mauro Pili, seeking compensatory damages totalling €210m for slander.

In order to defend the company’s reputation, as for the sale of the three ferries, Vincenzo Onorato’s group repeated what was communicated to investor relations one year ago. After Debtwire reported that Moby was considering options to sale and leaseback four vessels with a US institutional investment fund, the Italian ferry group said a in a statement: “It’s part of the ordinary course of Moby’s business to analyze, consider and implement the sale or acquisition of vessels. In this context, we are periodically in discussion with third parties with respect to such transactions. We publicly announce and comment on material transactions for the sale and acquisitions of vessels when we enter into definitive and binding agreements”.

Photo and words by Nicola Capuzzo


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Italian Anti-trust authority says two ferry companies hindered competition

Italian Anti-Trust Authority has fined two Onorato Group companies, Moby and Tirrenia, for abusing their dominant position in Sardinia, writes Infomarine.net.
The investigation followed a complaint filed by Trans-Isole, Grimaldi, Grendi and Lucianu.