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Nationalized Shipyard In Saint-Nazaire Gets Its Historic Name Back

Shipyard STX France in Saint-Nazaire, has been renamed “Chantiers de l’Atlantique”. On 11 July the yard was nationalized by the French State, after it acquired all the shares from the Koreans. However, that is for a short time only. The distribution of shares is coming into the next phase, which will look like this.

  • France (State) 84.3%
  • Naval Group 11.7%
  • COFIPME local enterprises 1.6%
  • Employees 2.4%

In a final phase, expected to be reached before the end of the year, Italian shipbuilding group Fincantieri will become majority shareholder as soon as all authorisations have been obtained.

Since many years this yard is focussing mainly on cruise ships.