Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö: Historically high volumes in 2024

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Historically high levels for both passenger and freight operations in both the Gulf of Finland and the Åland Sea.

Full Year 2023 (compared to 2022)

+20% passengers 3,140,221 (2,624,674)

+11% freight units 176,351 (159,228)

+19% turnover EUR 221.5 million (EUR 185.8 million).

+Operating result 21,4 MEUR (-8,4 MEUR)

+Result 11,5 MEUR (-12,7 MEUR)

Q4, 2023 (compared to Q4, 2022)

+4% passengers 656,622 (629 473)

+12% freight units 44,795 (39,987)

+6% turnover EUR 48.7 million (EUR 46.0 million)

+Operating result 0,9 MEUR (-13,4 MEUR)

+Result 0,2 MEUR (-13,7 MEUR).

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Photo: Eckeröline

Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö is a company with a participating interest undertaking in the Viking Line Group

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As of November 22, 2023, Viking Line Abp’s shareholding in Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö exceeds 20%.

Viking Line Abp’s Board of Directors decided 22 November 2023 that Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö will be accounted for as a company with a participating interest undertaking using the equity method in the Viking Line Group’s financial accounts.

A positive initial income effect of EUR 2.5 million will arise in the transition to accounting using the equity method. This effect will be recognized in the consolidated income statement during the fourth quarter of 2023.

Viking Line becomes the largest individual shareholder of compatriot Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö

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November 18, 2022 – Viking Line Abp acquired 17.1 % of the shares in Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö for EUR 30/share, a total of EUR 10,269,300.

Viking Line received information that a larger stake in Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö was for sale. To ensure that the share ownership stays on Åland, Viking Line chose to acquire the post.

Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö is the parent company of the Eckerö Group, which consists of four business areas:

  • Eckerö Linjen operates car ferry traffic between Eckerö and Grisslehamn with ropax ECKERÖ.
  • Eckerö Line operates car ferry traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn, with FINLANDIA and FINBO CARGO.
  • Eckerö Shipping owns roro TRANSPORTER (on charter to DFDS) and inactive passenger vessel BIRKA STOCKHOLM.
  • Williams Buss has high-class buses for public transport and tourism travel.

The Group’s head office is located in Mariehamn.

During the year 2021, the annual turnover amounted to approx. 123 million euros and the group transported approx. 1.4 million passengers and approx. 166,000 freight units on its own routes.

Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö Q3: Increased turnover and improved profitability

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  • +70% passengers 919,687
  • -9% freight units 38,680
  • +43% turnover EUR 59.6 million
  • EBITDA EUR 12.8 million (was 5.8)
  • EBIT Operating profit amounted to EUR 9.5 million (EUR 2.5 million), corresponding to a margin of 16.0% (5.9%)
  • Result EUR 5.2 million (EUR 1.7 million)
  • Cash flow for the period was EUR 3.9 million (EUR 1.7 million)


The fourth quarter has started with volumes in line with pre-pandemic levels.

The high bunker prices, the high inflation and the volatile Swedish krona create uncertainty. 30% of the estimated bunker consumption during the rest of the year is price-guaranteed.

Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö has chosen to write down the value of BIRKA STOCKHOLM

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Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö presented its financial statements, where it emerged that the company had chosen to write down the value of the cruise vessel that was a victim of the pandemic. The ship is now in Landskrona, awaiting a new future.

  • 4 million passengers traveled with the Eckerö Group’s vessels (1.5 million)
  • +27% freight units 165,567 (130,537)
  • Turnover EUR 122.9 million (EUR 119.8 million)
  • Operating profit EUR -5.4 million (EUR -23.4 million), adjusted for writing down cruise vessel BIRKA STOCKHOLM in 2021
  • Operating profit EUR -38.1 million (EUR -29.9 million), including writing down BIRKA STOCKHOLM
  • Profit for the period EUR -30.6 million (EUR -33.8 million)