Eckerö: Passenger record in March, quarter affected by dockings

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First quarter of Rederi AB Eckerö in a nutshell:

  • In January, both Finlandia and Eckerö docked at the shipyard in Landskrona. Between 8 January and 7 February Finlandia was out of service, while Eckerö was out of service 8 -29 January.
  • 1,120 departures (-13%)
  • 473,325 passengers (-11%) On average, slightly more passengers travelled per departure than in the corresponding period last year. The lower total number of passengers in the first quarter is attributed to the dockings in January and February, while record numbers travelled on both routes in March.
  • 39,759 freight units (-6%).
  • The previously agreed sale of Shipper was completed on 22 January.
  • -8% Turnover MEUR 36,3
  • Operating result was -4,3 MEUR (-5,4 MEUR). Adjusted for the sale of Shipper the operating result was -7.5 MEUR (-5.4 MEUR).
  • Result for the financial year was EUR -4.0 million (EUR -5.6 million).
  • Source in Swedish.

Rederi AB Eckerö: Performance record on all routes, vessel sales completed and extensive loan amortisations

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Q2, 2023

  • 882,209 passengers travelled with the Eckerö Group’s ships, which was 22% more than in the same period last year (722,917)
  • The number of cargo units was 44,326, which was 7% more than in the same period last year (41,432)
  • Sales increased by 23% to EUR 62.8 million (EUR 50.9 million)
  • The operating result was EUR 11.9 million (EUR 1.0 million), which is the best second quarter operating result ever
  • The result for the financial period was EUR 6.9 million (EUR -0.2 million), which is the third best second quarter result ever
  • The sales of BIRKA STOCKHOLM and EXPORTER were completed in the second quarter and the Group has amortised EUR 46.0 million of its interest-bearing liabilities since the sale of the vessels. After these amortisations net liabilities amount to EUR 18.0 million and the equity ratio to 47.8% as of 30.6.2023.

H1, 2023

  • 1,416,387 passengers travelled with the Eckerö Group’s ships, which was 32% more than in the same period last year (1,075,514)
  • The number of cargo units was 86,763, which was 8% more than in the same period last year (80,561)
  • Sales increased by 28% to EUR 102.1 million (EUR 79.9 million)
  • The operating result was EUR 6.5 million (EUR -4.5 million), which is the best first half year operating result ever
  • The result for the financial period was EUR 1.3 million (EUR -4.2 million), which is the third best first half year result ever


The third quarter has started with volumes in excess of pre-pandemic levels. The continued relatively high bunker prices, high inflation and volatile Swedish krona create continued uncertainty. Despite these uncertainties the company is expected to deliver a full year result on a level with the best years before the pandemic.

Rederi Ab Eckerö Q1: Strong passenger growth

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  • +51 pax 534,178 ( (352,597)
  • +8% cargo units 42,437 (39,129)
  • +36% sales increased 39.3 MEUR (29.0 MEUR)
  • Operating result amounted to -5.4 MEUR (-5.6 MEUR)
  • Operating result improved by 37% compared to last year, adjusted for the cost support of 3.0 MEUR received from the Finnish Transport Authority for mandatory operations in Q1, 2022
  • The operating result is the best operating result for the first quarter since 2010
  • Result for the period was -5.6 MEUR (-4.0 MEUR)
  • The sale of BIRKA STOCKHOLM was completed in April and the Group has amortized 19.6 MEUR on the Group’s interest-bearing liabilities since the sale of the vessel. After this, the Group’s net debt amounts to approximately 30 MEUR and the equity ratio improves from 35.1% as of 31.3.2023 to approximately 40% after the sale.
  • More details here

Sjöfart.Ax: Open Battle For Power In Eckerö

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This article (in Swedish) summarises the shareholder uprising against the Mansén family in Rederi Ab Eckerö, lead by Businessman Johan Eklund.

The reason for the conflict is the corona crisis that caused bankers and the Ministry of Finance to demand a capital injection. Not because the equity is bad, the equity ratio is strong 50 percent. The Ministry of Finance and the banks want to see that there is also a determination among the owners to save the company.

Eklund is ready to guarantee a new share issue of EUR 10 million together with a handful of other shareholders, but only if the owner family Mansén waives the right to exercise their subscription rights.

Eckerö Acquires Ro-Pax To Cope with Increased Cargo and Car Traffic on Finland – Estonia

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News from the Eckerö side:

  • Rederi Ab Eckerö has signed a letter of intent to acquire P&O Ferries’ ro-pax EUROPEAN ENDEAVOUR.
  • The sturdy Spanish-built vessel will be chartered her out to subsidiary Eckerö Line, for a new twice-daily service Helsinki Vuosaari – Tallinn, to cope with the increased cargo and passenger car traffic.
  • Finnish flag.
  • 2,130 lane metres / 366 pax.
  • Crossing time 3 hours.
  • The ferry will start operating from Helsinki’s Vuosaari to Tallinn’s A terminal in summer.
  • Vuosaari is a place east of Helsinki. Having the service operating from this terminal will help to reduce the traffic congestion in the centre of Helsinki.
  • Eckerö will continue to operate ro-pax ferry FINLANDIA from the terminal in Helsinki.

(the photo was taken in 2005, when the vessel operated for Norfolkline on Dunkerque – Dover)

News from P&O Ferries:

  • Ro-ro vessel MISTRAL, which has been covering the Liverpool – Dublin route during the refit season, will remain on the route so there will be no immediate change to the frequency of the P&O sailings.
  • MISTRAL = 1,625 lane metre / 12 drivers.
  • Other ships on P&O’s Liverpool – Dublin service: NORBANK/NORBAY


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On Day 1 of the Ferry Shipping Summit, Irish Ferries got the award for the “Ferry of the Year 2019” (see special edition of this newsletter).

Let us have a closer look at the award winner. Ladies and gentlemen, here is W.B. YEATS!

Interview Björn Blomqvist, Rederi Ab Eckerö

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Rederi Ab Eckerö, based in the Åland Islands province of Finland, is a company with a diverse portfolio: two ferry lines, a cruise line, a roro cargo tonnage provider and even a bus company. Ferry Shipping News’, Finland-based freelance correspondent, Kalle Id, had a question and answer session with Björn Blomqvist, the managing director Rederi Ab Eckerö, in the cargo offices of the company’s Finland-Estonia subsidiary Eckerö Line in Helsinki last week.