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Launch Video For Austal Hull 397

The A.P.T. JAMES  for the National Infrastructure Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago is a 94 metre high-speed catamaran ferry launched from Austal Vietnam’s Vung Tau shipyard in May 2020 .

The vessel is now alongside at Austal Vietnam in Vung Tau and fit-out work continues, prior to sea trials commencing in August 2020.

Austal To Build A Fast Ferry For Trinidad And Tobago

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Austal has entered into a contract with the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIDCO) which is owned by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago’s (GORTT).

The contract is to design and build a 94m high-speed vehicle and passenger catamaran to be delivered in mid-2020.

The vessel is a derivative of the two 109m AutoExpress ships designed in the last two years by Austal.

The ship will be built in Austal’s new shipyard in Vung Tau, Vietnam. This new facility commenced operations on 1 November this year and has already successfully delivered large aluminium modules for a 109m catamaran being built in the Philippines.

The 94m AutoExpress is designed to carry 926 passengers and 250 cars at speeds of 37.5 knots and will operate a daily service between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.