MSC Increase Competition on the Turkey to Europe Trade Route via Trieste

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MSC announced the launch of a new, direct rail service connecting Trieste, Italy and Ludwigshafen, Germany available from 10 September 2021, designed to improve rail capacity and reduce transit time between Turkey and Germany to an estimated 12 days.

This service is directly in competition with the combined (roro and train) transport services offered on the same tradeline by DFDS and Ulusoy.

MSC specified that the service is designed to offer customers transporting automotive parts, chemicals, textiles, packaging, food, pharmaceuticals and many other commodities.. Ludwigshafen’s strategic position on the Rhine, with easy access to Frankfurt and Stuttgart and its importance as a centre for commerce make it an ideal location for both local goods distribution and access to the wider Northern European market.

Deal Done: MSC Is Now 49% Shareholder of Ignazio Messina & Co.

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MSC has finally taken a 49% stake in the Ignazio Messina & C. shipping group.

An official statement from Banca Carige and the NPL management company Amco informed that Gianluigi Aponte’s Italian holding company Marinvest and Messina Group have formally signed all the requested conditions which makes MSC the new owner of four ships and of a minority stake in the Genoa-based con-ro operator.

Aponte will invest €25m both for a 49% stake in the Ignazio Messina & C. group and for a 52% stake in a new vehicle firm called RoRo Italia, controlling four of Messina’s eight modern con-ro ships: JOLLY DIAMANTE, JOLLY PERLA, JOLLY TITANIO and JOLLY COBALTO.

Messina had a financial exposure of over €500m –mainly with Banca Carige– related to fleet renovation plan completed in the last few years, with 8 new con-ro ships built in South Korea.

Large part of these non-performing loans (€324m) was offloaded to Amco while the remaining part went to the new vehicle RoRo Italia.

The Messina family will also put €5m on the table to re-launch the business which will benefit from several operative synergies between the Italian and the Swiss firms.

The agreement also obtained all the relevant approvals.

MSC Deal with Ignazio Messina Postponed Again

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The closing of the deal which should make MSC a49% shareholder of the Genoa-based Ignazio Messina & C. has been postponed again. It will not take place before the end of April as previously announced. The previous deadline was March 31, and was already postponed due to some details still to be defined between the banks and the companies involved.

This time it seems that the cause may refers to the coronavirus emergency as MSC, apart from the malware attack to its website, is sailing in stormy waters both in the container and in the cruise business segments. MSC Cruises for instance announced that all the investments scheduled for the next 18 months would be stopped where possible.

Several market observers in Italy suggest that Gianluigi Aponte may have decided to take some more time before signing this new investment in the roro and conro vessels operator.

Through the Italian holding Marinvest, MSC should invest EUR 25 million for a 49% stake in the Ignazio Messina & C. group and a 52% stake in a new-co called Ro-Ro Italia controlling four of Messina’s eight modern conro ships. All eight vessels are linked to a EUR 487 millions debt with the local Banca Carige and classified as unlikely to pay.

MSC Enters Messina Group With a 49% Stake and Takes Four Con-Ro Ships

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MSC Enters Messina Group With a 49% Stake and Takes Four Con-Ro Ships

Gianluigi Aponte’s Italian holding Marinvest and Ignazio Messina & C. Group have formally signed the agreement which makes MSC new owner of four ships and of a minority stake in the shipping company.

Aponte will invest €25m for a 49% stake in the Genoa-based group and for a 52% stake in a new single purpose vehicle controlling four of the eight modern con-ro ships. More specifically the units set to be 52% controlled by MSC will be JOLLY DIAMANTE, JOLLY PERLA, JOLLY TITANIO and JOLLY COBALTO.

Messina has a financial exposure of over €450m mainly with Banca Carige, related to the fleet renovation plan completed in the last few years with 8 new con-ro ships built in South Korea by Daewoo and STX shipyards from 2011 to 2015.

Besides the fresh capital Gianluigi Aponte will put in the Genoa-based shipping company, also the Messina family will put €5m on the table to re-launch the business which will be possible also through several operative synergies between the Italian and the Swiss firms.

The agreement is subject to the approval of the competent antitrust and port authorities.

GNV In Negotiation for a 25% Stake in Africa Morocco Link?

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The MSC-controlled ferry company Grandi Navi Veloci seems to be in advanced negotiation for taking a minority share in Africa Morocco Link.

The rumour was reported by several media both in Morocco and in Greece while the Genoa-headquartered company preferred not to comment on the issue upon request from Ferry Shipping News.

Africa Morocco Link operates between the ports of Tanger and Algeciras with a fleet of three ferries offering regulars sailings between the two sides of the Mediterranea sea.

As of today, the company founded in 2016 is jointly participated by the Moroccan BMCE Bank (51%) and the Greek group Attica (49%). According to what local media reported, BMCE bank should dismiss the AML’s majority share under its control before the end of the third year from the company foundation and that would be the reason why Grandi Navi Veloci was contacted as a potential investor.

Below a photo of LE RIF in AML colours, still in Genoa on 19 June.

Maurizio Aponte At The Helm Of Navigazione Libera Del Golfo

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Maurizio Aponte, cousin of Gianluigi Aponte and one of Mediterranean Shipping Company’s (MSC) top executives from the very beginning, is stepping down to focus on a Naples-based ferry company belonging to the family.

In a statement MSC reported Aponte will move on from his role as executive director Europe at the start of next month. “Maurizio has for decades been one of the key pillars in the development of MSC and his immense contribution is widely appreciated,” the statement read.

Aponte will head up Navigazione Libera del Golfo, a small ferry company active in the Gulf of Naples to Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano. Besides, since the 70’s NLG provided connection to Tremiti islands in the Adriatic sea.

As of today, the company’s fleet is composed by 10 monohulled hydro-propelled jets and 2 HSC catamarans.

Antitrust Authority Asked Local Region To Rethink Regulation For Ferry Operators In The Gulf Of Naples

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Following complaints filed by frequent customers and tourists, antitrust authority in Italy found that competitive constraints and unfair market conditions seems to be still present in the short sea ferry market between the port of Naples and the surrounding islands.

MSC’s controlled SNAV and Caremar, and the company Alilauro owned by the local Lauro family dominate the market.

The Antitrust authority asked the Campania Region to rethink the regulation introduced in 2016 in order to make the ferry market more transparent, accessible for new entrants and competitive.

In January 2015, the same Italian Competition Authority fined ten ferry services operators, active in the Gulf of Naples and Salerno, for their failure to respect commitments agreed on in a previous investigation. (Nicola Cappuzo)


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MSC To Start A New Ro-Ro Route Between Izmir And Trieste

Mediterranean Shipping Company will start a new twice-weekly ro-ro service between Izmir, Turkey and Trieste, Italy, primarily aimed at trailers, containers, project and breakbulk cargo.
Two modern con-ro vessels from will be deployed. Although not confirmed by MSC, Italian sources say it will be two units from Linea Messina. It is known that MSC tries to acquire 49% of the Messina shares, further expanding and diversifying short-sea ro-ro operations in the Med.

Deltamarin For DFDS, OSK For MSC/Moby

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Deltamarin Ltd has signed a contract with Chinese Guangzhou Shipyard International Co, Ltd (GSI) for consultancy and engineering services for the DFDS ro-pax ferries.

DFDS originally signed a contract with OSK-ShipTech for the development of the outline concepts and tender documents, for both the ro-ro vessels now contracted at Jinling, and the ro-pax vessels contracted at GSI.

When MSC/GNV/Moby decided to order ferries at GSI too, DFDS said it wanted to prefer to have an advisor not involved in both projects.

The shipbuilding contract for two ro-pax ferries was signed on February 12 between DFDS and GSI. Both ro-pax ships are planned to be delivered in 2021.

The 4,500 lane metres, 600-pax ships will be deployed on one of the Baltic routes connecting Lithuania to either Sweden or Germany.

A Dream Scenario For OSK-Shiptech

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Last week, MSC Group and Onorato Armatori have signed a historical contract with Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) for the order of four luxurious ro-pax ferries. OSK-ShipTech is behind the concept design for the largest ferry order ever.
“Our two largest clients are now doing business together, so to us, this is a dream-scenario, where we are appointed designers on the basis of earlier projects and long-term successful cooperation with all parties. This is such a significant project, and this order is a fantastic opportunity to bring our competencies, the yard’s strength and the owners’ joint pool of many years’ of experience into play,” says CCO of OSK Group, Anders Ørgård.
The contract includes an option for four additional ferries of the same type. In any case, this a record ferry order – and a quantum leap for the joint cooperation between GSI and OSK.