LMG Marin designed battery powered ferry RYFYLKE has been delivered

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Electric ferry RYFYLKE, designed by LMG Marine and built at the Westcon Yard in Ølen, Norway, entered service.

RYFYLKE is a hybrid ferry built in aluminum. With a battery capacity of 4,000 kilowatt hours, it will serve the many Ryfylke Islands on the connection between Nedstrand and Stavanger.

  • Fully redundant battery propulsion
  • Aluminium hull
  • Redundancy with bio diesel
  • Energy efficient hull
  • Car capacity: 27 units
  • Trailer capacity: 2 units
  • Passenger capacity: 96 pax
  • Class DNV +1A1 LC Car Ferry B Battery(Power) R4[nor] E0

LMG Marin says on their Linkedin: “we are quite proud of it because of its very specific operational profile with multi-stops in electricity-grid secluded communities out of Stavanger. As a result ,the ship will ensure a full day of service on an overnight charge performed at its base port. We believe RYFYLKE features the largest battery pack on a 45m ferry.”

LMG Marin to make the concept design for the new BC Ferries “Major Class”

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LMG Marin has been selected by BC Ferries as design agent for its new Major class vessels.

The first stage of the project will soon start with the overall goal to achieve a zero-emission design by use of proven technology. This concept design will be later further finetuned into a basic design and a specification package that will be used for contracting the new ships at a yard.

The new Major Class ferries are expected to be operational by 2029.

Westcon Yards Delivers NESVIK

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Ferry NESVIK left the Westcon Yards to start its career with Norled.

The electric ferry has been designed by LMG Marin. It will be used on Hjelmeland-Nesvik-Skipavikis. This is a ferry route which crosses the Hjelmelandsfjord and Ombofjord in Rogaland, Norway.

NESVIK is the sister ferry to HYDRA, which is also being built at Westcon. Both vessels are designed to use as little energy as possible. HYDRA will be the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry, but NESVIK can also be upgraded to hydrogen in the long term.


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LMG Marin Designs Two Hydrogen-Prepared Ferries for Norled

Norled has signed an agreement with LMG Marin to deliver the design for two double-ended ferries that Norled will operate on the Finnøysambandet route in Ryfylke, as from 2022.

The ferries, which will have a capacity of 199 persons and 60 cars, will be built by the Ada shipyard in Turkey.

The ferries are initially designed for biodiesel operation, but the ambition is to upgrade one of the ferries through the construction phase to hydrogen power.

Earlier this year, Ada signed a contract for the construction of these two ferries for Norled, based on LMG Marine’s design LMG 60-DE (H2). Construction is now underway, and the first steel cutting took place a few weeks ago.

With the assistance of Maritime Cleantech and in collaboration with LMG Marin and others, Norled has received EU funding of up to NOK 20 million to realize this hydrogen solution.

Norled Presents The World’s First Hydrogen Ferry Design

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At the end of February, Norled revealed the first visuals of the hydrogen-powered ferry, designed by LMG Marin, and with contributions from fellow cluster partners Westcon Power & Automation and Prototech.

  • Topside location of the hydrogen tanks and system. In case of a leakage, gas will emit into fresh air. This was the best solution for a no-risk system.
  • The port of Hjelmeland will have a storage and filling system for liquid hydrogen. Every third week the vessel will be fuelled with four tonnes of hydrogen.
  • As from 2023 locally produced, green hydrogen will be available.
  • Shipyard to be selected in March.
  • Two ships for route Hjelmeland-Nesvik-Skipavik. Both all-electric, one with hydrogen fuel cells for 50% of power.

Two Double-Ended LMG-Designed Hybrid Ferries To Be Built At Remontowa For Norled

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LMG Marin has been awarded the design of two battery-plug-in ferries for the Festøya-Solavågen connection (Ålesund), operated by Norled. The contract with Remontowa Shipyard and Norled was signed on 11 July.

The new ferries will be equipped with an innovative Diesel Electric Hybrid system.

  • Normal operation: entire required power comes from battery packs.
  • Batteries to be recharged via pantograph from the land grid, in 11 minutes.
  • Shore charging system to be integrated with an automatic mooring system.
  • In case of emergency: generating sets running on 100% Biodiesel.

The LMG 120-DEH design is also characterized by an innovative vehicle deck and accommodation arrangement: the passenger lounge is below the car deck.