LMG Marin designed battery powered ferry RYFYLKE has been delivered

July 21, 2022

Electric ferry RYFYLKE, designed by LMG Marine and built at the Westcon Yard in Ølen, Norway, entered service.

RYFYLKE is a hybrid ferry built in aluminum. With a battery capacity of 4,000 kilowatt hours, it will serve the many Ryfylke Islands on the connection between Nedstrand and Stavanger.

  • Fully redundant battery propulsion
  • Aluminium hull
  • Redundancy with bio diesel
  • Energy efficient hull
  • Car capacity: 27 units
  • Trailer capacity: 2 units
  • Passenger capacity: 96 pax
  • Class DNV +1A1 LC Car Ferry B Battery(Power) R4[nor] E0

LMG Marin says on their Linkedin: “we are quite proud of it because of its very specific operational profile with multi-stops in electricity-grid secluded communities out of Stavanger. As a result ,the ship will ensure a full day of service on an overnight charge performed at its base port. We believe RYFYLKE features the largest battery pack on a 45m ferry.”