March 7, 2019

At the end of February, Norled revealed the first visuals of the hydrogen-powered ferry, designed by LMG Marin, and with contributions from fellow cluster partners Westcon Power & Automation and Prototech.

  • Topside location of the hydrogen tanks and system. In case of a leakage, gas will emit into fresh air. This was the best solution for a no-risk system.
  • The port of Hjelmeland will have a storage and filling system for liquid hydrogen. Every third week the vessel will be fuelled with four tonnes of hydrogen.
  • As from 2023 locally produced, green hydrogen will be available.
  • Shipyard to be selected in March.
  • Two ships for route Hjelmeland-Nesvik-Skipavik. Both all-electric, one with hydrogen fuel cells for 50% of power.