The Danish Government Will Continue to Investigate a Fixed Link Across the Kattegat

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The government has decided to continue the ongoing preliminary investigation of a fixed link across the Kattegat. This would link Denmark’s two largest cities: Copenhagen and Århus.
Now, Molslinjen operates this route with ferries.

A combined road and rail connection is the most preferred option. Climate and environmental aspects of establishing a permanent Kattegat connection are one of the main topics.

Passenger Record on Kattegat

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On 6 December Molslinjen broke a record on the Kattegat when passenger number 3,225,572 bought a ticket for the route between Aarhus and Odden.

“Traffic between East and West Denmark is constantly increasing,” says Carline Jensen, CEO of Molslinjen. Especially the bus route Kombardo Expressen has helped to achieve this increase.

“We expect many guests in December – so many that we have to put in an extra fast ferry on the busiest days,” says the CEO.